The Board of Directors is composed of representatives from corporate members, a representative of the Technical Steering Committee, and representatives elected by the individual membership class.

  • Chairperson: Danese Cooper, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff - open source at PayPal.
  • Vice-Chairperson: Scott Hammond, Chief Executive Officer at Joyent.
  • Secretary: Dan Shaw, Chief Technology Officer at NodeSource.
  • TSC Director: Rod Vagg, Chief Node Officer at NodeSource.
  • Director: Todd Moore, Vice President of Open Technology at IBM.
  • Director: Gaurav Seth, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft.
  • Director: Rich Sharples, Senior Director of Product Management at Red Hat.
  • Director: Mark Skarpness, Vice President, Software and Services Group at Intel.
  • Gold-Level Director: Dan Shaw, Chief Technology Officer at NodeSource.
  • Silver-Level Director: Brian McCallister, Chief Technology Officer of Platforms at Groupon.
  • Silver-Level Director: Justin Beckwith, Product Manager at Google.
  • Individual Director: Ashley Williams
  • Individual Director: William Kapke

Independent of the Board, the Technical Steering Committee sets the technical direction of the project, including releases, quality standards, project governance and process, GitHub repo hosting, etc. Rod Vagg is the technical steering committee's chair representing the TSC on the board of directors.

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