Forrester Report: Digital Transformation Using Node.js

Forrester's November 2016 report details five common use cases around Node.js and how it can underpin digital transformation

Join Node.js Foundation Executive Director and Lowe's Digital for a Forrester Research Webinar

Join Mark Hinkle and guest Rick Adams from Lowe's Digital on July 12 for a live Forrester Research webinar on how Node.js helps drive digital transformation and improves business processes

Node.js Foundation Survey Results

With over 3.5 million users and an annual growth rate of 100 percent, Node.js is emerging as a universal platform used for web applications, IoT, and enterprise. The Node.js User Survey report features insights on emerging trends happening in this massive community that serves as a leading indicator on trends like microservices architectures, real-time web applications, Internet of Things (IoT). The report paints a detailed picture of the technologies that are being used, in particular, with Node.js in production and language preferences (current and future) for front end, back end and IoT developers.

Presentation - The Enterprise Case for Node.js

The Node.js Foundation has consolidated all the best thinking around why enterprises should consider Node.js for their systems of engagement in this short presentation.

After Call For Innovation from C-Suite, Node.js Pops Up All Over Capital One

Capital One CIO Robert Alexander has encouraged the company’s IT department to operate like a startup and embrace open source software development. The result has been several different project teams using Node.js to rapidly prototype and build new applications inside the business, cutting the time of the development cycle significantly and fostering a climate of innovation.

Read the full case study.

Walmart Strives to Be an Online Retail Leader with Node.js

Walmart sees nearly 20,000 hits per-second on its website and mobile app during the holiday season, so it needs a fast, reliable and bulletproof ecommerce system to reach its goal of becoming the number one online retailer. That’s why it’s rebuilding with Node.js.

Read the full case study.

Node.js Helps NASA Keep Astronauts Safe and Data Accessible

Collin Estes is the Director of Software Engineering and Chief Architect at Mathematical Research Institute Technologies (MRI Technologies), who partners with United Technologies Corporation Aerospace Systems, the company that creates and maintains the spacesuits for extra vehicular activity (EVA) missions at NASA. He and his team took on the challenge of creating an end-to-end system for data on the full lifecycle of spacesuits. He chose Node.js to make it work.

Read the full case study.

Node.js Drives Major Scale and Reliability at Uber

The ride-sharing platform Uber has an ambitious goal: to make transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere and for everyone. Learn why Uber chose Node.js to power its platform and massive-matching system.

Read the full case study.

Node.js Helps Fusion Marketing Build Memorable Digital Experiences

Fusion Marketing is a St. Louis, MO-based event marketing firm that specializes in creating custom interactive experiences. Node.js Everywhere has powered Fusion's digital expansion from developing app APIs to a 360 degree physical interactive group.

Read the full case study.

Enterprise Conversations

Enterprise conversations are short videos, recorded live, with large scale companies sharing their experiences with Node.js.

Node.js and Google (Episode 12)

Tracy Hinds and Mikeal Rogers chat with Myles Borins, Developer Advocate for Node.js about his role and team at Google. They discuss research on how people are using Node.js and the discovery process around what might be blocking some companies from adopting Node.js. They also discuss Google Cloud and the ways in which one can start using Node.js to build applications.

Node.js and Twitter (Episode 11)

Tracy Hinds and Mikeal Rogers chat with James Bellenger, Nicolas Gallagher, and Ethan Schlienker from the Twitter Lite team about their use of Node.js. Twitter lite utilizes Node.js for the entire build, test and delivery pipeline, and all Twitter Lite services also run on Node.js, using Express as a baseline.

Emerging Technology Advisors (Episode 10)

Tracy and Mikeal chat with Chris Williams, founder of Emerging Technology Advisors, about a variety projects in which companies have adopted Node.js during different stages of transition and growth.

Wildworks (Episode 9)

Paul Milham, Lead Software developer at Wildworks chats with Mikeal and Tracy about how using Node.js provides ease in helping to make the Wildworks gaming experience safe for kids. Paul discusses how the team has fully migrated from PHP to Node.js resulting in more productive and reliable builds, in addition to increased team efficiency and faster debugging times.

Despegar (Episode 8)

Enterprise Conversation with Diego Paez of Despegar, Latin America's World Travel Agency. Diego discusses how the Despegar team helped to solve user experience issues by implementing cross-functional teams with a clear code base from Node.js.

Bustle (Episode 7)

Enterprise Conversation with Steve Faulkner, Director of Platform Engineering at Bustle. Mikeal and Steve discuss how Bustle has been transitioning from a rails app to using Node.js for both Front and Back end assets. From a development perspective, Steve discusses how using Node.js allows for great flexibility amongst their team.

Lowe's Digital (Episode 6)

Enterprise Conversation with Rick Adams from Lowe's Digital. Rick and Mikeal will talk about how Lowe's got their start with Node.js and how they leverage it to create a new experience for their customers.

Groupon (Episode 5)

Mikeal talks to Adam Geitgey ( about Node.js infrastructure and its key role in helping the company expand globally and into areas like mobile over the last few years.

Skycatch (Episode 4)

Mikeal catches up with Skycatch ( to learn how Node.js helps their drone construction surveying business reach new heights!

Netflix (Episode 3)

In this episode, Kim and Yunong will talk about progress on their containerization of the edge services layer, and other things Netflix is doing with Node.js.

GoDaddy (Episode 2)

Mikeal chats with engineering director and board member Charlie Robbins about his long history of success with Node.js and his current work at GoDaddy.

Capital One (Episode 1)

Azat Mardan shares his experience transforming CaptialOne with Node.js.

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