Education in Node.js

Here we will ask fun questions like, 'what is education in Node.js?'

Notice we didn't say 'answer'? Education initiatives from the Node.js Foundation explore what it means to be learning Node.js. Who uses it? How are folks learning it? How can we as a community make the experience better and inclusive for existing users and rad, diverse group of learners?

A few people who are exploring this currently:

  • Tracy Hinds, Education Community Manager for the Node.js Foundation
  • Education Advisory Group for the Node.js Foundation
  • Lots of awesome community folks who have been doing cool stuff for a while in Node.js and deserve to be heard, like you!

Please participate. File issues, PRs, and create the community you'd like to be a part of.


This roadmap is a living document, and it is likely that priorities will change, but the items below should give some indication of education initiatives for this calendar year.


The Node.js Foundation (in partnership with The Linux Foundation) will be performing the following tasks to build and ship the Node.js certification:

  • Define Certification(s), the number of levels (parallel or sequential), titles, program goals
  • Define Scope Statement of Certification
  • Define the in-browser hosted exam environment which will be provided to candidates. Must be exactly reproducible and consistent in function.
  • Conduct job task analysis(JTA) which is to define the Domains of work and corresponding Tasks within each domain a Certification Candidate should be able to perform
  • Define the exam blueprint containing the specific exam Domains and Tasks and their relevant weight within the exam(Domains and Tasks will be opensourced. Blueprint will be secure and not public facing, testrunner will also be opensourced).
  • Publish determined domains and tasks for ecosystem to prepare complementary trainings with ample notice.
  • Write performance-based exam items (problems to solve) based on the Domains and Tasks defined by the JTA

    • Exam items must be written and formatted to comply with an auto-grade script that is run on answers provided (i.e. machine-gradeable)
    • Consideration of non-English speaking users including items written in a way that they are translatable
  • Provide subject matter expert (SME) support and review to

    • Script and program the exam items
    • Set-up Certification registration portal
    • Deploy the exam
  • Conduct secure pilot testing (alpha, beta)

  • Determine the exam passing score via psychometrician-led standard setting process
  • Support the public launch of the exam including program marketing
  • Manage certification program including:
    • Creation and documentation of program policies and procedures (Candidate Handbook, Candidate Agreement, etc.)
    • Technical support and help desk
    • Candidate appeals and sanctions considerations
    • Regular SME advisory from cert advisory board and consultants
    • Regular renewal of job analysis and item creation (example: every 3 years)

Work may be organized into committees or subcommittees representing, but not limited to the following:

  • Job Analysis Committee--define the Domains of work and corresponding Tasks within each domain a Certification Candidate should be able to perform
  • Item Writing Committee--writing/developing the individual item tasks into problems for the exam.
  • Standard Setting Committee--will set the passing/cut score. This process is led by the psychometrician. Aggregation of scores weighted by the committee.
  • Certification Advisory Board--perspectives from industry experts for the cert lead(education community manager) for essential decisions related to standards, policies, and procedures of the certification.

Work will be divided into collaborative group sessions and individual self-paced assignments in accordance with project schedule. Time commitments will vary.

Resources for learning Node.js


For questions about education initiatives or a little inspiration, please send an email to [email protected].

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