How to access module package info

There are many situations in the world of software development where using the wrong version of a dependency or submodule can cause all sorts of pain and anguish - luckily for you, Node.js has a module available called pkginfo that can help keep these sorts of troubles at bay.

Let's take a look at pkginfo - first, install via npm:

npm install pkginfo

Now all we need to do is require it, and invoke it.

var pkginfo = require('pkginfo')(module);


That would show us the entire contents of the package.json, neatly displayed to our console. If we only wanted certain pieces of information, we just specify them like so:

var pkginfo = require('pkginfo')(module, 'version', 'author');


And only the fields we specify will be shown to us.

For more information, see .

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