Node plays a critical role in the technology stack of many high-profile companies who depend on its unique benefits. Here are what a few of them have to say:


We've used Node.js for client projects including building web services for geo-location data and creating the back-end infrastructure for a large mobile deployment. It worked so well we re-wrote our own website with it.
Robert Treat


The non-blocking nature of Node.js made it ideal for building Harp Platform. Streaming multiple files in parallel across multiple servers is commonplace within our stack and Node makes this incredibly simple.
Brock Whitten


Node.js powers our web applications and has allowed our teams to move much faster in bringing their designs to life. We've happily embraced the power of JavaScript.
Jeff Harrell
Director of Engineering


After displacing some synchronous PHP-based solutions, Node.js quickly grew from our go-to prototyping language to a technology cornerstone powering key real-time analytics platforms.
Colin Mutter
Director of Engineering, RV Digital


Node.js is not magic. It is better than magic: a useful tool, making useful trade-offs. We've come to delight in and depend on its laid-back enthusiastic style.
Jason Smith


Node.js bridges the gap beween rock solid technologies (e.g. LaTex, R, ...) and state of the art web application development. All our software products are based on Node.
Andreas Mueller


Our Mobile Application Platform is built on Node.js which enables our customers to build incredibly responsive cloud-powered mobile apps that can connect to their Enterprise back-end systems.
Cathal McGloin


The PINT Web Platform (PWP) is a full stack JavaScript based CMS powered by NodeJS and ExtJS. Adopted from a long used PHP based system that has met the needs of the many organizations over the last decade and we look forward to another decade powered by Node.
Thomas A. Powell
Founder & CEO of PINT, Inc.


On the server side, our entire mobile software stack is completely built in Node. One reason was scale. The second is Node showed us huge performance gains.
Kiran Prasad
Director of Engineering, Mobile


Node.js helps us to see web sites from different point of view. We wrote our own framework for Node.js and we use it in web design & development process to build web sites and online shops.
Peter Sirka
Senior Web Developer,


Node.js combines the strengths of other server-side languages into a single compelling package. It's accessible like PHP, concise like Ruby, Microsoft-friendly like .NET, and modular like Java.
Hunter Loftis
Director of Technology


Node puts the magic in the right places. We write our application, and node delivers JSON over HTTP.
Matt Ranney


Node’s evented I/O model freed us from worrying about locking and concurrency issues that are common with multithreaded async I/O.
Subbu Allamarju
Principal Member, Technical Staff


Node.js did help us create lot of amazing APP in less than 2 weeks. Happy customer and profit for our company. Thank you Node.js!
Alireza Aboutalebi


Node.js enables us to run thousands of user applications. The technology has allowed us to rapidly build and expand our platform. We rely on it at every layer.
Charlie Key


The simple truth is Node has reinvented the way we create websites. Developers build critical functionality in days, not weeks.
Michael Yormark
WSJD Product Operations


We specialize in building custom service platforms and web applications that scale to tens of millions of users. The ability to use a single language on both front-end and back-end, the great tooling support, the thriving module ecosystem, and the evented programming model make Node our go-to tool for anything that requires massive scale. The best part? The community is wonderfully supportive and shares a common interest in moving the web forward.
Brian Corrigan


Node.js allowed us to create a highly scalable cloud based application with ease. In addition its event-driven nature perfectly suited the model of our realtime advocacy platform.
Paul Inman


Node gives Azure users the first end-to-end JavaScript experience for the development of a whole new class of real-time applications.
Claudio Caldato
Principal Program Manager, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.


Node.js excels at providing a modern programming platform that's low-level enough to be able to write the high performance and cost effective systems our customers need and with a flexible, expressive, and extensible API that developers love.
Daniel Shaw


Node.js allows us to execute our many independent background processes in a non-blocking way. This is essential to make file uploading and encoding the way we do it a great user experience.
Tim Koschuetzki