Latest Current Version: 9.4.0 (includes npm 5.6.0)

Download the Node.js source code or a pre-built installer for your platform, and start developing today.

Windows Installer (.msi) 32-bit 64-bit
Windows Binary (.zip) 32-bit 64-bit
macOS Installer (.pkg) 64-bit
macOS Binaries (.tar.gz) 64-bit
Linux Binaries (x64) 64-bit
Linux Binaries (ARM) ARMv6 ARMv7 ARMv8
Source Code node-v9.4.0.tar.gz

Additional Platforms

SunOS Binaries 32-bit 64-bit
Docker Image Official Node.js Docker Image
Linux on Power Systems 64-bit le
Linux on System z 64-bit
AIX on Power Systems 64-bit
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