Discovering Node.js's test runner

In this series of resources, we will discover how to use Node.js's test runner to test our code.

What is a test runner?

A test runner is a tool that allows you to run tests on your code. It will execute your tests and give you feedback on whether they pass or fail. It can also provide you with additional information such as code coverage.

There are many test runners available for Node.js, but we will focus on the built-in test runner that comes with Node.js. It's cool because you don't need to install any additional dependencies to use it.

Why test your code?

Testing your code is important because it allows you to verify that your code works as expected. It helps you catch bugs early in the development process and ensures that your code is reliable and maintainable.

Running tests with Node.js

To run tests with Node.js, we recommend you to read the test runner documentation.