Black Lives Matter

We've listed the names of the Black folks who have been murdered by police brutality in the U.S. dating back to 2009, both because the U.S. is the origin of the Black Lives Matter movement and currently the heart of the resistance.

With that said, we fully recognize that white supremacy and police brutality is a global problem. While we have not listed all of Black people who have lost their lives to police murder globally here, their lives mattered.

Where you can donate:

We will update this list as appropriate.

It would be wrong for us to ignore the unearned privilege that exists in Node.js: much of the project leadership is white, and a majority are men. We are and have been systematically complicit in perpetuating the issues that led to where we are now. We can't change how we've built out the project's leadership to date, but we can change how we build it moving forward. We are dedicated to being a part of the solution by actively centering the Black community with our collective platforms to uplift Black voices, share projects founded and built by Black community members, and actively hold ourselves accountable to our promises and make changes as needed. While it is our responsibility and it is not the work of the community to hold us accountable, we welcome you to share ways that we can do better by emailing [email protected] or reaching out individually to any of our project leaders.

The responsibility to dismantle white supremacy does not fall on the Black community. It falls on the rest of us.

To Black folks looking for access or collaboration: We're here for you.

To Black people looking for amplification or mentorship: We're here for you.

To Black members of our community seeking guidance or any sort of support: We're here for you.

Beginning with our upcoming Collaborator Summit event, and extending beyond, we will be offering mentorship to Black members of the community who wish to become contributors to the Node.js project. If you are interested in this, please send us an email at [email protected] or direct message us at @nodejs on Twitter. We will post more information on how we will be proceeding with this effort as we finalize the details both for the period of the Collaborator summit and beyond that single event.

Please feel welcome to reach out to the Node.js TSC members and Node.js Community Committee members via our email addresses listed in the links, respectively, or via Twitter DMs to the following folks in the project:

If you're looking for docs, they're still available. If you're looking for information on the most recent security release, please see the security release blog post.