Apigee, RisingStack and Yahoo Join the Node.js Foundation

The Node.js Project

New Silver Members to Advance Node.js Growth and Enterprise Adoption

NODE.JS INTERACTIVE 2015, PORTLAND, OR.The Node.js Foundation, a community-led and industry-backed consortium to advance the development of the Node.js platform, today announced Apigee, RisingStack and Yahoo are joining the Foundation as Silver Members to build and support the Node.js platform. With over 2 million downloads per month, Node.js is the runtime of choice for developers building everything from enterprise applications to Industrial IoT.

The Node.js Foundation members work together alongside the community to help grow this diverse technology for large financial services, web-scale, cloud computing companies, and more. The newly added Long-Term Support release version 4.0 is just one of the many initiatives from the Foundation, which addresses the needs of enterprises that are using Node.js in more complex production environments, and signals the growing maturity of the technology.

“We continue to welcome new Node.js Foundation members that are committed to providing the financial and technical resources needed to ensure the technology continues to evolve, while nurturing the community and ecosystem at the same time,” said Danese Cooper, Chairperson of the Node.js Foundation Board. “We are excited to have Apigee, RisingStack, and Yahoo on board to help grow the diversity of the platform and the community.”

The new members are joining just in time for the inaugural Node.js Interactive event taking place today and tomorrow in Portland, OR. The conference focuses on frontend, backend and IoT technologies, and the next big initiatives for the Node.js Foundation. It includes more than 50 tutorials, sessions and keynotes. To stream the event, go to http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/node-interactive/program/live-video-stream.

More information about the newest Node.js Foundation members:

Apigee provides an intelligent API platform for digital businesses. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Apigee’s software supports some of the largest global enterprises. Developers can use the Node.js software platform to build highly customized application programming interfaces (APIs) and apps in the Apigee API management platform. The integration of the Node.js technology allows developers to use code to create specialized APIs in Apigee, while utilizing the huge community of JavaScript developers.

“We want to provide to the developer community the best platform for building today’s modern apps and APIs,,” said Ed Anuff, executive vice president of strategy at Apigee. “We are committed to the advancement of Node.js and look forward to continuing to utilize the strengths and further possibilities of the technology. The Node.js Foundation provides an excellent place for us to help push this technology to become even better for our developers that use it everyday.”

RisingStack was founded in 2014 by Gergely Nemeth and Peter Marton as a full stack JavaScript consulting company. It provides help with digital transitioning to Node.js and offers a microservice monitoring tool called Trace. RisingStack also contributes to several open source projects, and engages the developer community via a popular JavaScript/DevOps engineering blog, with a tremendous amount of long reads.

“Node.js is extremely important in JavaScript development, and we have experienced a rapid rise of interest in the technology from enterprises.” said Gergely Nemeth, CEO and Co-Founder of RisingStack. “Our business was established to support this growing technology, and we are very excited to join the Node.js Foundation to help broaden this already active community and continue its growth through open governance.”

Yahoo is a guide focused on informing, connecting and entertaining its users. By creating highly personalized experiences for its users, Yahoo keeps people connected to what matters most to them, across devices and around the world. In turn, Yahoo creates value for advertisers by connecting them with the audiences that build their businesses.

“Joining the Node.js Foundation underscores our deep appreciation for the Node.js community, and our commitment to drive its health and growth,” said Preeti Somal, vice president of engineering, Yahoo. “As a technology pioneer with a deep legacy of JavaScript expertise and a strong commitment to open source, we saw the promise of Node.js from the start and have since scaled to become one of the industry’s largest deployments. We embrace Node.js’s evolution and encourage our developers to be contributing citizens of the Open Source community.”

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About Node.js Foundation Node.js Foundation is a collaborative open source project dedicated to building and supporting the Node.js platform and other related modules. Node.js is used by tens of thousands of organizations in more than 200 countries and amasses more than 2 million downloads per month. It is the runtime of choice for high-performance, low latency applications, powering everything from enterprise applications, robots, API engines, cloud stacks and mobile websites. The Foundation is made up of a diverse group of companies including Platinum members Famous, IBM, Intel, Joyent, Microsoft, PayPal and Red Hat. Gold members include GoDaddy, NodeSource and Modulus/Progress Software, and Silver members include Apigee, Codefresh, DigitalOcean, Fidelity, Groupon, nearForm, npm, RisingStack, Sauce Labs, SAP, StrongLoop (an IBM company), YLD!, and Yahoo. Get involved here: https://nodejs.org.

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