AppDynamics, New Relic, Opbeat and Sphinx Join the Node.js Foundation as Silver Members

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Foundation Announces Dates for Node.js Interactive Conferences in Amsterdam and Austin, Texas

SAN FRANCISCO, Mar. 9, 2016 — The Node.js Foundation, a community-led and industry-backed consortium to advance the development of the Node.js platform, today announced AppDynamics, New Relic, Opbeat and Sphinx are joining the Foundation as Silver Members to continue to sustain and grow the Node.js platform.

Many of the new members are within the application performance management industry, both established and up-and-coming vendors. Application performance management is an essential part of any infrastructure and there is a need across public, private and hybrid clouds to ensure that current and future products offer next-generation application performance with Node.js as a core component to the stability and potential of these offerings.

The new members have the opportunity to support a range of Foundation activities such as new training programs and user-focused events like the new, ongoing Node.js Live series and Node.js Interactive events. Expanding to Europe this year, Node.js Interactive will take place September 15-16 in Amsterdam, Netherlands; while the North America event will be held November 29-30, 2016, in Austin, Texas. More information on the conference to come.

Node.js has grown tremendously in the last year with a total of 3.5 million users and 100 percent year-over-year growth. It is becoming ubiquitous across numerous industries from financial services to media companies, and is heavily used by frontend, backend and IoT developers.

“While the popularity of Node.js has dramatically increased in recent years, the Foundation is committed to maintaining a stable, neutral and transparent ground to support continuation of the technology’s growth,” said Danese Cooper, Chairperson of the Node.js Foundation Board. “We are pleased to have AppDynamics, New Relic, Opbeat and Sphinx join the Foundation to help support both continued expansion for the technology and stability needs of the community.”

More About the New Members:

AppDynamics is the application intelligence company that provides real-time insights into application performance, user experience, and business outcomes with cloud, on-premises, and hybrid deployment flexibility. Seeing the growing popularity of Node.js as a platform for building fast and scalable web and mobile applications, AppDynamics created a Node.js monitoring solution built on their core APM platform. The solution helps customers monitor Node.js applications in real-time and diagnose performance bottlenecks while running in live production or development environments.

“Node.js is clearly taking off, and we’ve seen significant adoption of the platform in production for quite some time now, especially within the enterprise. We have participated in multiple Node.js events in the past, and look forward to continuing to support the longevity of this project, which is important to the developers that we serve,” said AppDynamics Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Product Management, Bhaskar Sunkara.

New Relic is a software analytics company that delivers real-time insights and helps companies securely monitor their production software in virtually any environment, without having to build or maintain dedicated infrastructure. New Relic’s agent helps pinpoint Node.js application performance issues across private, public or hybrid cloud environments.

“We're seeing huge growth in our Node.js application counts on a daily basis, from customers of all sizes - there's just as much interest from the Fortune 100 as there is from new startups. New Relic's engineers have been contributing to Node.js's core development for years, and we're excited to help accelerate its advancement and success even further by supporting the Node.js Foundation," said Tim Krajcar, Engineering Manager, Node.js Agent, New Relic.

Opbeat provides next-generation performance insights, specifically built for JavaScript developers. Opbeat maps production issues to the developers that write the code, leading to faster debugging and more coding. The young company recently launched full support for Node.js.

“We’re seeing massive interest in Opbeat within the Node community - from larger organizations to smaller start-ups - so we’re excited to join the Foundation to help support the community. At the end of the day, our customers are developers and we want to contribute to the increased popularity of Node amongst developers and CTOs,” said Rasmus Makwarth, Co-Founder and CEO of Opbeat.

Sphinx was established in 2014 by experience Vietnamese developers from Silicon Valley with the aim to become the leading company on Node.js and the MEAN stack — the group has co-founded the Vietnamese Node.js and Angular.js communities. The consulting team helps take large-scale applications from the concept phase to production for some of the largest global enterprises and government departments.

“Becoming a silver member is a breakthrough for us, and gives us the opportunity to establish long-lasting relationships with companies that also share a common interest in the rapidly growing Node.js technology. We look forward to collaborating with other Foundation members and continuing to develop and support the open source community,” said Hai Luong, CEO and Co-Founder of Sphinx.

About Node.js Foundation Node.js is used by tens of thousands of organizations in more than 200 countries and amasses more than 3.5 million active users per month. It is the runtime of choice for high-performance, low latency applications, powering everything from enterprise applications, robots, API engines, cloud stacks and mobile websites.

The Foundation is made up of a diverse group of companies including Platinum members Famous, IBM, Intel, Joyent, Microsoft, PayPal and Red Hat. Gold members include GoDaddy, NodeSource and Modulus/Progress Software, and Silver members include Apigee, AppDynamics, Codefresh, DigitalOcean, Fidelity, Groupon, nearForm, New Relic, npm, Opbeat, RisingStack, Sauce Labs, SAP, StrongLoop (an IBM company), Sphinx, YLD!, and Yahoo!. Get involved here:

The Node.js Foundation is a Linux Foundation Project, which are independently funded software projects that harness the power of collaborative development to fuel innovation across industries and ecosystems.

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