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New Foundation Committed to Accelerating Growth of the Node.js Platform Also Adds Marketing Chair and Community Manager

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 4, 2015 – The Node.js Foundation, a community-led and industry-backed consortium to advance the development of the Node.js platform, today announced key executives have been elected to its Board of Directors. The Board of Directors represents the broad Node.js community and will guide the Foundation as it executes on its mission to enable widespread adoption and help accelerate development of Node.js and other related modules.

The Node.js Foundation board, which sets the business and technical direction as well as oversees IP management, marketing, and events on behalf of the organization, includes:

  • Danese Cooper, chairman of the board, distinguished member of technical staff - open source at PayPal;
  • Scott Hammond, vice-chairman of the board, chief executive officer at Joyent;
  • Brian McCallister, silver-level director of the board, chief technology officer of platforms at Groupon;
  • Todd Moore, board member, vice president of open technology at IBM;
  • Steve Newcomb, board member, founder and chief executive officer at Famous Industries;
  • Gianugo Rabellino, secretary of the board, senior director of open source programs at Microsoft;
  • Charlie Robbins, gold-level director of the board, director of engineering at;
  • Imad Sousou, board member, vice president and general manager at Intel;
  • Rod Vagg, technical steering committee chairperson, chief node officer at NodeSource.

In addition to formalizing the board, Bill Fine, vice president of product and marketing at Joyent, was elected as the marketing chairperson. The Linux Foundation also hired Mikeal Rogers as its community manager to help support and guide the new organization.

“The new board members represent the diversity of the Node.js community and the commitment that these companies have to supporting its overall efforts,” said Danese Cooper, chairman of the board, Node.js Foundation. “Node.js is incredibly important to the developer ecosystem and is increasingly relevant for building applications on devices that are changing the pace of commerce. The board will work to support and build the Node.js platform using the blueprint of an open governance model that is transparent and supportive of its community.”

In early June, the Node.js and io.js developer community announced that they were merging their respective code base to continue their work in a neutral forum, the Node.js Foundation. The new leaders will help support the ongoing growth and evolution of the combined communities and will foster a collaborative environment to accelerate growth and the platform’s evolution.

About Node.js Foundation

Node.js Foundation is a collaborative open source project dedicated to building and supporting the Node.js platform and other related modules. Node.js is used by tens of thousands of organizations in more than 200 countries and amasses more than 2 million downloads per month. It is the runtime of choice for high-performance, low latency applications, powering everything from enterprise applications, robots, API engines, cloud stacks and mobile websites.

The Foundation is made up of a diverse group of companies including Platinum members Famous, IBM, Intel, Joyent, Microsoft and PayPal. Gold members include GoDaddy, NodeSource and Modulus/Progress Software, and Silver members include Apigee, Codefresh, DigitalOcean, Fidelity, Groupon, nearForm, npm, Sauce Labs, SAP, StrongLoop and YLD!. Get involved here:

The Node.js Foundation is a Collaborative Project at The Linux Foundation. Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects are independently funded software projects that harness the power of collaborative development to fuel innovation across industries and ecosystems.

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