Node.js Foundation Individual Membership Director election opens Friday, January 20

Tracy Hinds

The Node.js Foundation is a member-supported organization. The Node.js Foundation Individual Director is the Node.js project’s community voice on the board. There are two individual directors that sit on the Node.js Foundation board and they serve a two-year term.

“Having the community represented is extremely important for open source projects with a Board of Directors as diverse as ours. This gives the community a voice on the board and helps to guide how we make the investment decisions. The individual board members are able to provide feedback on how proposed board items might impact the community and can provide suggestions on how the Node.js Foundation can better support the community. With this knowledge and feedback, the board is able to contribute the resources the community needs to stay healthy and continue to grow.”

Todd Moore, Node.js Foundation Director

The Individual Membership Director is responsible for soliciting feedback and data that represents the wishes of other individual members and the community at large. They have been entrusted with the duty to make decisions based on the information they receive to best represent the community, and can gather input for proposals when relevant and granted permission to do so.

This includes participating and voting in Board meetings, introducing and driving forward initiatives to conclusion that capture the mission of the Node.js project, and representing the Board at speaking engagements (this is by no means a comprehensive list). Read more about “What’s it like being on the Node.js Foundation Board of Directors?”.

What does the Board of Directors do?

The Board meets every month to approve resolutions and discuss Node.js Foundation administrative matters. This includes legal considerations, budgeting and approving Foundation-led conferences and other initiatives. Technical governance is overseen by the TSC, not the Board of Directors.

The current board members are listed here.

Who is running for the Individual Membership Director seat?

Read more about why our candidates are running below.

When is the election? Nominations were solicited until January 15th.

  • Ballot will be distributed on January 20th.
  • The election will close January 30th at 17:00 UTC.

How do I vote?

You must be an Individual Member of the Node.js Foundation to cast a vote. If you are a member, you can vote NOW!

How do I become a member?

Individual membership costs $100 a year, or $25 for students. Contributors to the Node.js project, including all Working Groups and sub-projects, are eligible for free membership. Please contact us for discount codes. You are required to have a GitHub account to register.

What’s the benefit of being an individual member?

  • You have a vote and voice on the Node.js Foundation Board of Directors through the two above-mentioned elected Individual Membership Directors.
  • 20% off regular price registration to Node Interactive 2017

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