Node v0.4.11

By ryandahl,

2011.08.17, Version 0.4.11 (stable)

  • #738 Fix crypto encryption/decryption with Base64. (SAWADA Tadashi)
  • #1202 net.createConnection defer DNS lookup error events to next tick (Ben Noordhuis)
  • #1374 fix setting ServerResponse.statusCode in writeHead (Trent Mick)
  • #1417 Fix http.ClientRequest crashes if end() was called twice
  • #1497 querystring: Replace 'in' test with 'hasOwnProperty' (isaacs)
  • #1546 http perf improvement
  • fix memleak in libeio (Tom Hughes)
  • cmake improvements (Tom Hughes)
  • fix incorrect sizeof() (Tom Hughes)
  • Windows/cygwin: no more GetConsoleTitleW errors on XP (Bert Belder)
  • Doc improvements (koichik, Logan Smyth, Ben Noordhuis, Arnout Kazemier)




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