Node v0.5.10


2011.10.21, Version 0.5.10 (unstable)

  • Remove cmake build system, support for Cygwin, legacy code base, process.ENV, process.ARGV, process.memoryUsage().vsize, os.openOSHandle
  • Documentation improvements (Igor Zinkovsky, Bert Belder, Ilya Dmitrichenko, koichik, Maciej Małecki, Guglielmo Ferri, isaacs)
  • Performance improvements (Daniel Ennis, Bert Belder, Ben Noordhuis)
  • Long process.title support (Ben Noordhuis)
  • net: register net.Server callback only once (Simen Brekken)
  • net: fix connect queue bugs (Ben Noordhuis)
  • debugger: fix backtrace err handling (Fedor Indutny)
  • Use getaddrinfo instead of c-ares for dns.lookup
  • Emit 'end' from crypto streams on close
  • repl: print out undefined (Nathan Rajlich)
  • #1902 buffer: use NO_NULL_TERMINATION flag (koichik)
  • #1907 http: Added support for HTTP PATCH verb (Thomas Parslow)
  • #1644 add GetCPUInfo on windows (Karl Skomski)
  • #1484, #1834, #1482, #771 Don't use a separate context for the repl. (isaacs)
  • #1882 zlib Update 'availOutBefore' value, and test (isaacs)
  • #1888 child_process.fork: don't modify args (koichik)
  • #1516 tls: requestCert unusable with Firefox and Chrome (koichik)
  • #1467 tls: The TLS API is inconsistent with the TCP API (koichik)
  • #1894 net: fix error handling in listen() (koichik)
  • #1860 console.error now goes through uv_tty_t
  • Upgrade V8 to 3.7.0
  • Upgrade GYP to r1081


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