Node v0.5.6 (unstable)


2011.09.08, Version 0.5.6 (unstable)

  • #345, #1635, #1648 Documentation improvements (Thomas Shinnick, Abimanyu Raja, AJ ONeal, Koichi Kobayashi, Michael Jackson, Logan Smyth, Ben Noordhuis)
  • #650 Improve path parsing on windows (Bert Belder)
  • #752 Remove headers sent check in OutgoingMessage.getHeader() (Peter Lyons)
  • #1236, #1438, #1506, #1513, #1621, #1640, #1647 Libuv-related bugs fixed (Jorge Chamorro Bieling, Peter Bright, Luis Lavena, Igor Zinkovsky)
  • #1296, #1612 crypto: Fix BIO's usage. (Koichi Kobayashi)
  • #1345 Correctly set socket.remoteAddress with libuv backend (Bert Belder)
  • #1429 Don't clobber quick edit mode on windows (Peter Bright)
  • #1503 Make libuv backend default on unix, override with node --use-legacy
  • #1565 Fix fs.stat for paths ending with \ on windows (Igor Zinkovsky)
  • #1568 Fix x509 certificate subject parsing (Koichi Kobayashi)
  • #1586 Make socket write encoding case-insensitive (Koichi Kobayashi)
  • #1591, #1656, #1657 Implement fs in libuv, remove libeio and pthread-win32 dependency on windows (Igor Zinkovsky, Ben Noordhuis, Ryan Dahl, Isaac Schlueter)
  • #1592 Don't load-time link against CreateSymbolicLink on windows (Peter Bright)
  • #1601 Improve API consistency when dealing with the socket underlying a HTTP client request (Mikeal Rogers)
  • #1610 Remove DigiNotar CA from trusted list (Isaac Schlueter)
  • #1617 Added some win32 os functions (Karl Skomski)
  • #1624 avoid buffer overrun with 'binary' encoding (Koichi Kobayashi)
  • #1633 make Buffer.write() always set _charsWritten (Koichi Kobayashi)
  • #1644 Windows: set executables to be console programs (Peter Bright)
  • #1651 improve inspection for sparse array (Koichi Kobayashi)
  • #1672 set .code='ECONNRESET' on socket hang up errors (Ben Noordhuis)
  • Add test case for foaf+ssl client certificate (Niclas Hoyer)
  • Added RPATH environment variable to override run-time library paths (Ashok Mudukutore)
  • Added TLS client-side session resumption support (Sean Cunningham)
  • Added additional properties to getPeerCertificate (Nathan Rixham, Niclas Hoyer)
  • Don't eval repl command twice when an error is thrown (Nathan Rajlich)
  • Improve util.isDate() (Nathan Rajlich)
  • Improvements in libuv backend and bindings, upgrade libuv to bd6066cb349a9b3a1b0d87b146ddaee06db31d10
  • Show warning when using lib/sys.js (Maciej Malecki)
  • Support plus sign in url protocol (Maciej Malecki)
  • Upgrade V8 to 3.6.2


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