Version 0.6.15 (stable)

Isaac Schlueter

2012.04.09 Version 0.6.15 (stable)

  • Update npm to 1.1.16
  • Show licenses in binary installers.
  • unix: add uv_fs_read64, uv_fs_write64 and uv_fs_ftruncate64 (Ben Noordhuis)
  • add 64bit offset fs functions (Igor Zinkovsky)
  • windows: don't report ENOTSOCK when attempting to bind an udp handle twice (Bert Belder)
  • windows: backport pipe-connect-to-file fixes from master (Bert Belder)
  • windows: never call fs event callbacks after closing the watcher (Bert Belder)
  • fs.readFile: don't make the callback before the fd is closed (Bert Belder)
  • windows: use 64bit offsets for uv_fs apis (Igor Zinkovsky)
  • Fix #2061: segmentation fault on OS X due to stat size mismatch (Ben Noordhuis)

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