Node v0.6.7

Isaac Schlueter

2012.01.06, Version 0.6.7 (stable)

  • V8 hash collision fix (Breaks MIPS) (Bert Belder, Erik Corry)
  • Upgrade V8 to
  • Upgrade npm to 1.1.0-beta-10 (isaacs)
  • many doc updates (Ben Noordhuis, Jeremy Martin, koichik, Dave Irvine, Seong-Rak Choi, Shannen, Adam Malcontenti-Wilson, koichik)
  • Fix segfault in
  • dgram, timers: fix memory leaks (Ben Noordhuis, Yoshihiro Kikuchi)
  • repl: fix repl.start not passing the ignoreUndefined arg (Damon Oehlman)
  • #1980: Socket.pause null reference when called on a closed Stream (koichik)
  • #2263: XMLHttpRequest piped in a writable file stream hang (koichik)
  • #2069: http resource leak (koichik)
  • buffer.readInt global pollution fix (Phil Sung)
  • timers: fix performance regression (Ben Noordhuis)
  • #2308, #2246: node swallows openssl error on request (koichik)
  • #2114: timers: remove _idleTimeout from item in .unenroll() (James Hartig)
  • #2379: debugger: Request backtrace w/o refs (Fedor Indutny)
  • simple DTrace ustack helper (Dave Pacheco)
  • crypto: rewrite HexDecode without snprintf (Roman Shtylman)
  • crypto: don’t ignore DH init errors (Ben Noordhuis)

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