Version 0.8.2 (stable)

The Node.js Project

2012.07.09, Version 0.8.2 (Stable)

  • npm: Upgrade to 1.1.36

  • readline: don't use Function#call() (Nathan Rajlich)

  • Code cleanup to pass 'use strict' (Jonas Westerlund)

  • module: add filename to require() json errors (TJ Holowaychuk)

  • readline: fix for unicode prompts (Tim Macfarlane)

  • timers: fix handling of large timeouts (Ben Noordhuis)

  • repl: fix passing an empty line inserting "undefined" into the buffer (Nathan Rajlich)

  • repl: fix crashes when buffering command (Maciej Małecki)

  • build: rename strict_aliasing to node_no_strict_aliasing (Ben Noordhuis)

  • build: disable -fstrict-aliasing for any gcc < 4.6.0 (Ben Noordhuis)

  • build: detect cc version with -dumpversion (Ben Noordhuis)

  • build: handle output of localized gcc or clang (Ben Noordhuis)

  • unix: fix memory corruption in freebsd.c (Ben Noordhuis)

  • unix: fix 'zero handles, one request' busy loop (Ben Noordhuis)

  • unix: fix busy loop on unexpected tcp message (Ben Noordhuis)

  • unix: fix EINPROGRESS busy loop (Ben Noordhuis)

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6571b7aad17ed4860d9ecb7946098dcd569e3eb0  node-v0.8.2-x86.msi
8436e940b8c3b1dff73bf4d1eee98fd3b1fc6295  node-v0.8.2.pkg
0e743d21b487151e67950f09198def058db19a1e  node-v0.8.2.tar.gz
dcc45bee9d4a6b38ccef0f00e4a6028864f07278  node.exe
5417f98a533c90f2b72ed3a2a002c2c36a65cb75  node.exp
57700a9555d16ebf5401898c179669654f045c5f  node.lib
5bf7e8777d715d5d6b40c21ea3969c4244c20879  node.pdb
6a5fe7efb56c3e17de357e9b9adc8f1c54db895a  x64/node-v0.8.2-x64.msi
72f04cb5bb25bd568cb7bc42eb5e1365e614b672  x64/node.exe
6b402ca44a45a3bc1393854d92247bf79eb3df2b  x64/node.exp
ad39add3918fb31aef25e3a4acfe1da499900143  x64/node.lib
fa981c97e0c474ede8e7c28904d710cc3ee3390c  x64/node.pdb
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