Node v0.8.27 (Maintenance)

The Node.js Project

2014.06.09, Version 0.8.27 (maintenance)

  • openssl: update to 1.0.0m (CVE-2014-0224)

  • utf8: Prevent Node from sending invalid UTF-8 (Felix Geisendörfer)

    • NOTE this introduces a breaking change, previously you could construct invalid UTF-8 and invoke an error in a client that was expecting valid UTF-8, now unmatched surrogate pairs are replaced with the unknown UTF-8 character. To restore the old functionality simply have NODE_INVALID_UTF8 environment variable set.
  • tls: fix pool usage race (Fedor Indutny)

  • fs: close file if fstat() fails in readFile() (cjihrig)

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Windows x64 Installer:

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089e075cd556b6124f27d41045f6c5a4c119f9da  node-v0.8.27-darwin-x64.tar.gz
88014cb30b27f410b89c99a7ccbf32dd8aa19bfd  node-v0.8.27-darwin-x86.tar.gz
fe2471f055af273c222c4d982e92ffe32369d41f  node-v0.8.27-linux-x64.tar.gz
6096cba0eb9f0cb8a3b618aa7dcf7f4c29cda82b  node-v0.8.27-linux-x86.tar.gz
b775af237c0e6c62969ab7886bab3b0cf1563f11  node-v0.8.27-sunos-x64.tar.gz
8d396f1e546b104616a0e9f3fd20bc7eaa9a370f  node-v0.8.27-sunos-x86.tar.gz
9e1acfc8970ef80011257080576321dc136f7236  node-v0.8.27-x86.msi
04a1961f5a4fa9e953aecd589fe5aea5f17e3a56  node-v0.8.27.pkg
13ebdc277c76732089982b29fb25941dbee5af3f  node-v0.8.27.tar.gz
d1a41a081663ecf036390dd2f511fa7b452cc1ad  x64/node-v0.8.27-x64.msi
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