Node v15.14.0 (Current)

Myles Borins

Notable Changes

Vulnerabilties Fixed:

  • CVE-2021-3450: OpenSSL - CA certificate check bypass with X509_V_FLAG_X509_STRICT (High)
  • CVE-2021-3449: OpenSSL - NULL pointer deref in signature_algorithms processing (High)
  • CVE-2020-7774: npm upgrade - Update y18n to fix Prototype-Pollution (High)

Other Notable Changes:

  • [b6f4901221] - (SEMVER-MINOR) fs: add support for async iterators to fsPromises.writeFile (HiroyukiYagihashi) #37490
  • [0709cbb7fe] - (SEMVER-MINOR) net: allow net.BlockList to use net.SocketAddress objects (James M Snell) #37917
  • [daa8a7bbcf] - (SEMVER-MINOR) net: add SocketAddress class (James M Snell) #37917
  • [a4169ce519] - (SEMVER-MINOR) net: make net.BlockList cloneable (James M Snell) #37917
  • [669b81c68b] - (SEMVER-MINOR) net,tls: add abort signal support to connect (Nitzan Uziely) #37735
  • [a1123f0a29] - (SEMVER-MINOR) readline: add AbortSignal support to interface (Nitzan Uziely) #37932


  • [ac69b95e47] - crypto: use correct webcrypto RSASSA-PKCS1-v1_5 algorithm name (Filip Skokan) #38029
  • [960c6be229] - crypto: add buffering to randomInt (Tobias Nießen) #35110
  • [4ef102d34e] - deps: update to [email protected] (Guy Bedford) #37992
  • [f0e77149a4] - deps: update archs files for OpenSSL-1.1.1k (Hassaan Pasha) #37916
  • [bbdcdad2c6] - deps: upgrade openssl sources to 1.1.1k+quic (Hassaan Pasha) #37916
  • [913ec56798] - deps: cjs-module-lexer: cherry-pick 22093e765f (pezhmanparsaee) #37895
  • [afc6ab2122] - doc: fix description (Darkripper214) #38023
  • [b40d35d649] - doc: document how to unref stdin when using readline.Interface (Anu Pasumarthy) #38019
  • [ce14080473] - doc: move psmarshall to collaborators emeriti (Peter Marshall) #37994
  • [ae70aa3c63] - doc: add distinctive color for code elements inside links (Antoine du Hamel) #37950
  • [8792c7c96b] - doc: add missing events.on metadata (Anna Henningsen) #37965
  • [a57dc06adf] - doc: improve Buffer's encoding documentation (Michaël Zasso) #37945
  • [f3fabb57cf] - doc: add missing cleanup step in OpenSSL upgrade (Tobias Nießen) #37927
  • [13c3924af8] - doc: add Windows-specific info to subprocess.kill() (João Lucas Lucchetta) #34867
  • [b6f4901221] - (SEMVER-MINOR) fs: add support for async iterators to fsPromises.writeFile (HiroyukiYagihashi) #37490
  • [ad7e34446c] - fs: fix chown abort (Darshan Sen) #38004
  • [d86aca9a77] - http: optimize debug function correctly (Michaël Zasso) #37966
  • [062541aae5] - http2: add specific error code for custom frames (Anna Henningsen) #37936
  • [8525231902] - lib: change wording in lib/domain.js comment (Akhil Marsonya) #37933
  • [21e399be4c] - lib: change wording in lib/internal/child_process comment (Akhil Marsonya) #37903
  • [3ab9619e56] - module: improve error message for invalid data URL (Antoine du Hamel) #37701
  • [0709cbb7fe] - (SEMVER-MINOR) net: allow net.BlockList to use net.SocketAddress objects (James M Snell) #37917
  • [daa8a7bbcf] - (SEMVER-MINOR) net: add SocketAddress class (James M Snell) #37917
  • [a4169ce519] - (SEMVER-MINOR) net: make net.BlockList cloneable (James M Snell) #37917
  • [669b81c68b] - (SEMVER-MINOR) net,tls: add abort signal support to connect (Nitzan Uziely) #37735
  • [a94cc27cbe] - path: refactor to use more primordials (Akhil Marsonya) #37893
  • [6cc1e15669] - readline: fix pre-aborted signal question handling (Nitzan Uziely) #37929
  • [a1123f0a29] - (SEMVER-MINOR) readline: add AbortSignal support to interface (Nitzan Uziely) #37932
  • [629e72e9f4] - src: fix typo in node_mutex (Tobias Nießen) #38011
  • [e61cc0bfb0] - src: fix typos in crypto comments (Tobias Nießen) #38024
  • [6ad0b6f0f5] - src: fix error handling for CryptoJob::ToResult (Tobias Nießen) #37076
  • [3175559bed] - test: add extra space in test failure output (Qingyu Deng) #37957
  • [0243376cfc] - test: use faster variant for rss (Pooja D P) #36839
  • [b02c352ad6] - test: fix test-tls-no-sslv3 for OpenSSL 3 (Richard Lau) #38027
  • [0db1a1eacf] - test: deflake test-fs-read-optional-params (Luigi Pinca) #37991
  • [4d50975cd7] - test: improve clarity of ALS-enable-disable.js (Darkripper214) #38008
  • [5e15ae05d0] - test: add DataView test case for v8 serdes (Rich Trott) #37955
  • [6d28a24f1c] - tools: update ESLint to 7.23.0 (Luigi Pinca) #37979
  • [51e7a33d54] - tools,doc: add "legacy" badge in the TOC (Antoine du Hamel) #37949
  • [570fbcef93] - url: forbid pipe in URL host (Darshan Sen) #37877

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cb133ef05eb9c20c23a2f267f216dca0a66166bb5cdbf1a1871c114a439f8767  node-v15.14.0-aix-ppc64.tar.gz
a3ea5f2da4868de1513664de76ce09cc8234312a0918223b19e40d3ca4890bf2  node-v15.14.0-darwin-x64.tar.gz
f355aeda5049fdbac4acca23a7bb6f66e145a179a52bd2489e3f76fbe0feb161  node-v15.14.0-darwin-x64.tar.xz
fa591c23cb61cb91f09df6ffaebd68dce470073749e5e924e5f3436fbc121132  node-v15.14.0-headers.tar.gz
147c7d622b185cabb7304f80a74a78a1b21a06eecdd2caf5f56fbf07a816d680  node-v15.14.0-headers.tar.xz
6d5e0074fe4a45d444bc581aa1fd7ce7081b8491b0f785414a6e5cc30c42854a  node-v15.14.0-linux-arm64.tar.gz
23108e22efd5b9684ffe357ef25605aba9abc9dd4c6f29f34d0a4680f29ffb45  node-v15.14.0-linux-arm64.tar.xz
1cef461a73a124dd3f212e2b8230638f4d16b5cc0915425ffad8aabac050d9fb  node-v15.14.0-linux-armv7l.tar.gz
3636dfdfeedf11c76486692ea8730dfb585f4a7846512e4cb9fc4b725d61cb25  node-v15.14.0-linux-armv7l.tar.xz
ad286636152e4ba060d2e13eccb166eb8eda8dda04a39ce76f026e9127e90137  node-v15.14.0-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz
f8870a4716f6bfe7ffbb34f0a16abe56bea83761cbca0b856dc45b7fb0268f02  node-v15.14.0-linux-ppc64le.tar.xz
20dcd3f97e4c72dfbdc0eaaa8301caf50e2204601559797270062e3d6fefabf5  node-v15.14.0-linux-s390x.tar.gz
f9a6129724e7a48c6719e21081e6bb09adc0dcc88067a34d8c1084f6c096e6c7  node-v15.14.0-linux-s390x.tar.xz
23f8adb7afbd9969f0f9b8b2da0ba3e0a9db57c547aa0c5e0885f0b2aae6081c  node-v15.14.0-linux-x64.tar.gz
f40a52c77a5a98203d24d6e5213c1a189bfc9736d0d9f667cb61151e9431b2a8  node-v15.14.0-linux-x64.tar.xz
2900b61708fb27679f4c92619752790b78587ece5a6c2a4e6946b810ea93250e  node-v15.14.0.pkg
f3a35c1b29b58846575085fdee7774d78b75ff4cf1e52572afce7f38685b159a  node-v15.14.0.tar.gz
8122dc4eea4f00af32a1d14ca85a1d4d6ca7b2dcffd9a731bda149fc5593a66e  node-v15.14.0.tar.xz
30bb88b225e3138e8dff60cc8cf6c815ec9b7680933cede18d7ed3a947efcb41  node-v15.14.0-win-x64.7z
741a0e9a93ff12d08fdfb661fa44ebd155d626d853016fd7eb6815d3c09fbbbb  node-v15.14.0-win-x86.7z
fa460c0483126bad8296be312f23bdc8c8baf0974f512427b1c90846971af29f  node-v15.14.0-x64.msi
d22b24e8fe60b6d730f9241c36b0f6b1a34b735eece478dd24c0792e2576c1c8  node-v15.14.0-x86.msi
225c8dd246f110d8939e2bd9c3b86704375d7ee644f575119d5bf0c3a730ac92  win-x64/node.exe
cef6b29471f8faa5291be30c049822267cfcfe3437c2d724d720b01f6480a827  win-x64/node.lib
9c3bda01748f88b5ecc35b16ffd5ff21d93cecf8b5729f181bed9536ae69dab8  win-x64/node_pdb.7z
a4a119e72529eeadee8fe367663b5761a7b5979ccf77abd3da097870b5e50fb5  win-x64/
fc1bced2ecc0ccd3b33c60e3b8230cdb48feae75c5a45ae241f27e12da310825  win-x86/node.exe
889e03560e730464fe438f9b167e0907b61d1d47a19d05ede27e68c5da136991  win-x86/node.lib
59de7e99d800e474df2b6bc287d18f85f2e4e471897792b40f7b86cd09f38208  win-x86/node_pdb.7z
c1daba7b20b6990382467dcbceb72f980dd4d6ae11f67c85a244ef65400cd565  win-x86/


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