Node v18.14.0 (LTS)

Juan José Arboleda, Bethany Nicolle Griggs

Notable changes

Updated npm to 9.3.1

Based on the list of guidelines we've established on integrating npm and node, here is a grouped list of the breaking changes with the reasoning as to why they fit within the guidelines linked above. Note that all the breaking changes were made in 9.0.0. All subsequent minor and patch releases after [email protected] do not contain any breaking changes.


Explanation: the node engines supported by npm@9 make it safe to allow npm@9 as the default in any LTS version of 14 or 16, as well as anything later than or including 18.0.0

  • npm is now compatible with the following semver range for node: ^14.17.0 || ^16.13.0 || >=18.0.0

Explanation: when run as root previous versions of npm attempted to manage file ownership automatically on the user's behalf. this behavior was problematic in many cases and has been removed in favor of allowing users to manage their own filesystem permissions

  • npm will no longer attempt to modify ownership of files it creates.

Explanation: any errors thrown from users having unsupported auth configurations will show npm config fix in the remediation instructions, which will allow the user to automatically have their auth config fixed.

  • The presence of auth related settings that are not scoped to a specific registry found in a config file is no longer supported and will throw errors.

Explanation: the default auth-type has changed and users can opt back into the old behavior with npm config set auth-type=legacy. login and adduser have also been seperated making each command more closely match it's name instead of being aliases for each other.

  • Legacy auth types sso, saml & legacy have been consolidated into "legacy".
  • auth-type defaults to "web"
  • login and adduser are now separate commands that send different data to the registry.
  • auth-type config values web and legacy only try their respective methods, npm no longer tries them all and waits to see which one doesn't fail.
Tarball Packing

Explanation: previously using multiple ignore/allow lists when packing was an undefined behavior, and now the order of operations is strictly defined when packing a tarball making it easier to follow and should only affect users relying on the previously undefined behavior.

  • npm pack now follows a strict order of operations when applying ignore rules. If a files array is present in the package.json, then rules in .gitignore and .npmignore files from the root will be ignored.
Display/Debug/Timing Info

Explanation: these changes center around the display of information to the terminal including timing and debug log info. We do not anticipate these changes breaking any existing workflows.

  • Links generated from git urls will now use HEAD instead of master as the default ref.
  • timing has been removed as a value for --loglevel.
  • --timing will show timing information regardless of --loglevel, except when --silent.
  • When run with the --timing flag, npm now writes timing data to a file alongside the debug log data, respecting the logs-dir option and falling back to <CACHE>/_logs/ dir, instead of directly inside the cache directory.
  • The timing file data is no longer newline delimited JSON, and instead each run will create a uniquely named <ID>-timing.json file, with the <ID> portion being the same as the debug log.
  • npm now outputs some json errors on stdout. Previously npm would output all json formatted errors on stderr, making it difficult to parse as the stderr stream usually has logs already written to it.
Config/Command Deprecations or Removals

Explanation: install-links is the only config or command in the list that has an effect on package installs. We fixed a number of issues that came up during prereleases with this change. It will also only be applied to new package trees created without a package-lock.json file. Any install with an existing lock file will not be changed.

  • Deprecate boolean install flags in favor of --install-strategy.
  • npm config set will no longer accept deprecated or invalid config options.
  • install-links config defaults to "true".
  • node-version config has been removed.
  • npm-version config has been removed.
  • npm access subcommands have been renamed.
  • npm birthday has been removed.
  • npm set-script has been removed.
  • npm bin has been removed (use npx or npm exec to execute binaries).

Other notable changes

  • doc:
    • add parallelism note to os.cpus() (Colin Ihrig) #45895
  • http:
    • join authorization headers (Marco Ippolito) #45982
    • improved timeout defaults handling (Paolo Insogna) #45778
  • stream:
    • implement finished() for ReadableStream and WritableStream (Debadree Chatterjee) #46205


  • [1352f08778] - assert: remove assert.snapshot (Moshe Atlow) #46112
  • [4ee3238643] - async_hooks: refactor to use validateObject (Deokjin Kim) #46004
  • [79e0bf9b64] - benchmark: include webstreams benchmark (Rafael Gonzaga) #45876
  • [ed1ac82469] - benchmark,tools: use os.availableParallelism() (Deokjin Kim) #46003
  • [16ee02f2eb] - (SEMVER-MINOR) buffer: add buffer.isUtf8 for utf8 validation (Yagiz Nizipli) #45947
  • [3bf2371a57] - build: add extra semi check (Jiawen Geng) #46194
  • [560ee24157] - build: fix arm64 cross-compile from powershell (Stefan Stojanovic) #45890
  • [48e3ad3aca] - build: add option to disable shared readonly heap (Anna Henningsen) #45887
  • [52a7887b94] - (SEMVER-MINOR) crypto: add CryptoKey Symbol.toStringTag (Filip Skokan) #46042
  • [a558774a40] - crypto: add cipher update/final methods encoding validation (vitpavlenko) #45990
  • [599d1dc841] - crypto: ensure auth tag set for chacha20-poly1305 (Ben Noordhuis) #46185
  • [24a101698c] - crypto: return correct bit length in KeyObject's asymmetricKeyDetails (Filip Skokan) #46106
  • [2de50fef84] - (SEMVER-MINOR) crypto: add KeyObject Symbol.toStringTag (Filip Skokan) #46043
  • [782b6f6f9f] - crypto: ensure exported webcrypto EC keys use uncompressed point format (Ben Noordhuis) #46021
  • [7a97f3f43b] - crypto: fix CryptoKey prototype WPT (Filip Skokan) #45857
  • [1a8aa50aa2] - crypto: fix CryptoKey WebIDL conformance (Filip Skokan) #45855
  • [c6436450ee] - crypto: fix error when getRandomValues is called without arguments (Filip Skokan) #45854
  • [4cdf0002c5] - debugger: refactor console in lib/internal/debugger/inspect.js (Debadree Chatterjee) #45847
  • [b7fe8c70fa] - deps: update simdutf to 3.1.0 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #46257
  • [eaeb870cd7] - deps: upgrade npm to 9.3.1 (npm team) #46242
  • [7c03a3d676] - deps: upgrade npm to 9.3.0 (npm team) #46193
  • [340d76accb] - deps: cherrypick simdutf patch (Jiawen Geng) #46194
  • [cce2af4306] - deps: bump googletest to 2023.01.13 (Jiawen Geng) #46198
  • [d251a66bed] - deps: add /deps/**/.github/ to .gitignore (Luigi Pinca) #46091
  • [874054f469] - deps: add simdutf version to metadata (Mike Roth) #46145
  • [2497702b82] - deps: update simdutf to 2.1.0 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #46128
  • [c8492b7f4c] - deps: update corepack to 0.15.3 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #46037
  • [d148f357fd] - deps: update simdutf to 2.0.9 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #45975
  • [422a98199c] - deps: update to uvwasi 0.0.14 (Colin Ihrig) #45970
  • [7812752db0] - deps: fix updater github workflow job (Yagiz Nizipli) #45972
  • [4063cdcef6] - Revert "deps: disable avx512 for simutf on benchmark ci" (Yagiz Nizipli) #45948
  • [64d3e3f3ba] - deps: disable avx512 for simutf on benchmark ci (Yagiz Nizipli) #45803
  • [c9845fc334] - deps: add simdutf dependency (Yagiz Nizipli) #45803
  • [6963c96547] - deps: update timezone to 2022g (Node.js GitHub Bot) #45731
  • [874f6c340b] - deps: update undici to 5.14.0 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #45812
  • [7599b913d5] - deps: upgrade npm to 9.2.0 (npm team) #45780
  • [4844935ff3] - deps: upgrade npm to 9.1.3 (npm team) #45693
  • [8dce62c7fe] - deps: V8: cherry-pick 5fe919f78321 (Richard Lau) #45587
  • [8de642517e] - dgram: sync the old handle state to new handle (theanarkh) #46041
  • [de2b7a9640] - doc: fix mismatched arguments of NodeEventTarget (Deokjin Kim) #45678
  • [6317502d10] - doc: update events API example to have runnable code (Deokjin Kim) #45760
  • [a9db45eee1] - doc: add note to tls docs about secureContext availability (Tim Gerk) #46224
  • [5294371063] - doc: add text around collaborative expectations (Michael Dawson) #46121
  • [be85d5a6eb] - doc: update to match changed --dns-result-order default (Mordy Tikotzky) #46148
  • [4f2d9ea6da] - doc: add Node-API media link (Kevin Eady) #46189
  • [9bfd40466f] - doc: update http.setMaxIdleHTTPParsers arguments (Debadree Chatterjee) #46168
  • [d7a8c076e1] - doc: use "file system" instead of "filesystem" (Rich Trott) #46178
  • [e54483cd2b] - doc: https update default request timeout (Marco Ippolito) #46184
  • [335110b0fb] - doc: make options of readableStream.pipeTo as optional (Deokjin Kim) #46180
  • [ec34cad712] - doc: add PerformanceObserver.supportedEntryTypes to doc (theanarkh) #45962
  • [d0f905bd6f] - doc: duplex and readable from uncaught execption warning (Marco Ippolito) #46135
  • [512feaafa4] - doc: remove outdated sections from maintaining-v8 (Antoine du Hamel) #46137
  • [849a3e2ce7] - doc: fix (EC)DHE remark in TLS docs (Tobias Nießen) #46114
  • [a3c9c1b4e6] - doc: fix ERR_TLS_RENEGOTIATION_DISABLED text (Tobias Nießen) #46122
  • [1834e94ebb] - doc: fix spelling in (Vaishno Chaitanya) #46124
  • [3968698af5] - doc: abort controller emits error in child process (Debadree Chatterjee) #46072
  • [1ec14c2c61] - doc: fix event.cancelBubble documentation (Deokjin Kim) #45986
  • [5539977f80] - doc: add personal pronouns option (Filip Skokan) #46118
  • [1fabef3a81] - doc: mention how to run ncu-ci citgm (Rafael Gonzaga) #46090
  • [84dc65ab87] - doc: include updating release optional step (Rafael Gonzaga) #46089
  • [76c7ea1e74] - doc: describe argument of Symbol.for (Deokjin Kim) #46019
  • [2307a74990] - doc: update isUtf8 description (Yagiz Nizipli) #45973
  • [fa5b65ea24] - doc: use console.error for error case in timers and tls (Deokjin Kim) #46002
  • [29d509c100] - doc: fix wrong output of example in url.protocol (Deokjin Kim) #45954
  • [61dbca2690] - doc: use os.availableParallelism() in async_context and cluster (Deokjin Kim) #45979
  • [86b2c8cea2] - doc: make EventEmitterAsyncResource's options as optional (Deokjin Kim) #45985
  • [335acf7748] - doc: replace single executable champion in strategic initiatives doc (Darshan Sen) #45956
  • [aab35a9388] - doc: update error message of example in repl (Deokjin Kim) #45920
  • [53a94a95ff] - doc: fix typos in (Eric Mutta) #45957
  • [83875f46cf] - doc: remove port from example in url.hostname (Deokjin Kim) #45927
  • [162d3a94e3] - doc: show output of example in http (Deokjin Kim) #45915
  • [53684e4506] - (SEMVER-MINOR) doc: add parallelism note to os.cpus() (Colin Ihrig) #45895
  • [546e083d36] - doc: fix wrong output of example in url.password (Deokjin Kim) #45928
  • [14c95ecd23] - doc: fix some history entries in (Antoine du Hamel) #45891
  • [d94dba973b] - doc: add tip for NODE_MODULE (theanarkh) #45797
  • [662f574c5b] - doc: reduce likelihood of mismerges during release (Richard Lau) #45864
  • [48ea28aa30] - doc: add backticks to webcrypto rsaOaepParams (Filip Skokan) #45883
  • [726b285163] - doc: remove release cleanup step (Michaël Zasso) #45858
  • [5eb93f1de9] - doc: add stream/promises pipeline and finished to doc (Marco Ippolito) #45832
  • [f874d0ba74] - doc: remove Juan Jose keys (Rafael Gonzaga) #45827
  • [67efe2a55e] - doc: fix wrong output of example in util (Deokjin Kim) #45825
  • [b709af31e0] - doc: sort http.createServer() options alphabetically (Luigi Pinca) #45680
  • [ebe292113a] - doc,crypto: fix WebCryptoAPI import keyData and export return (Filip Skokan) #46076
  • [204757719c] - errors: refactor to use a method that formats a list string (Daeyeon Jeong) #45793
  • [463bb9602e] - esm: mark importAssertions as required (Antoine du Hamel) #46164
  • [0bdf2db079] - esm: rewrite loader hooks test (Geoffrey Booth) #46016
  • [297773c6d1] - events: change status of event.returnvalue to legacy (Deokjin Kim) #46175
  • [d088d6e5c3] - events: change status of event.cancelBubble to legacy (Deokjin Kim) #46146
  • [36be0c4ee2] - events: change status of event.srcElement to legacy (Deokjin Kim) #46085
  • [b239f0684a] - events: fix violation of symbol naming convention (Deokjin Kim) #45978
  • [aec340b312] - fs: refactor to use validateInteger (Deokjin Kim) #46008
  • [e620de6444] - http: refactor to use validateHeaderName (Deokjin Kim) #46143
  • [3e70b7d863] - http: writeHead if statusmessage is undefined dont override headers (Marco Ippolito) #46173
  • [3d1dd96c4f] - http: refactor to use min of validateNumber for maxTotalSockets (Deokjin Kim) #46115
  • [4df1fcc9db] - (SEMVER-MINOR) http: join authorization headers (Marco Ippolito) #45982
  • [8c06e2f645] - http: replace var with const on code of comment (Deokjin Kim) #45951
  • [3c0c5e0567] - (SEMVER-MINOR) http: improved timeout defaults handling (Paolo Insogna) #45778
  • [edcd4fc576] - lib: use kEmptyObject and update JSDoc in webstreams (Deokjin Kim) #46183
  • [d6fc855b8a] - lib: refactor to use validate function (Deokjin Kim) #46101
  • [bc17f37b98] - lib: reuse invalid state errors on webstreams (Rafael Gonzaga) #46086
  • [86554bf27c] - lib: fix incorrect use of console intrinsic (Colin Ihrig) #46044
  • [7fc7b19124] - lib: update JSDoc of getOwnPropertyValueOrDefault (Deokjin Kim) #46010
  • [c1cc1f9e12] - lib: use kEmptyObject as default value for options (Deokjin Kim) #46011
  • [db617222da] - meta: update AUTHORS (Node.js GitHub Bot) #46215
  • [10afecd0d8] - meta: update AUTHORS (Node.js GitHub Bot) #46130
  • [d8ce990ce6] - meta: update comment in CODEOWNERS to better reflect current policy (Antoine du Hamel) #45944
  • [e3f0194168] - meta: update AUTHORS (Node.js GitHub Bot) #46040
  • [d31c478929] - meta: update AUTHORS (Node.js GitHub Bot) #45968
  • [10a276a3e0] - meta: add nodejs/loaders to CODEOWNERS (Geoffrey Booth) #45940
  • [56247d7c87] - meta: add nodejs/test_runner to CODEOWNERS (Antoine du Hamel) #45935
  • [3bef8bc743] - meta: update AUTHORS (Node.js GitHub Bot) #45899
  • [baf30ee935] - module: fix unintended mutation (Antoine du Hamel) #46108
  • [3ad584c357] - net: handle socket.write(cb) edge case (Santiago Gimeno) #45922
  • [2ab35cf0cc] - node-api: disambiguate napi_add_finalizer (Chengzhong Wu) #45401
  • [6e9676e986] - node-api: generalize finalizer second pass callback (Chengzhong Wu) #44141
  • [b2faceff0a] - (SEMVER-MINOR) os: add availableParallelism() (Colin Ihrig) #45895
  • [8fac4c5684] - perf_hooks: fix checking range of options.figures in createHistogram (Deokjin Kim) #45999
  • [ea73702847] - process,worker: ensure code after exit() effectless (ywave620) #45620
  • [784ed594ea] - repl: improve robustness wrt to prototype pollution (Antoine du Hamel) #45604
  • [fcfde3412e] - src: rename internal module declaration as internal bindings (Chengzhong Wu) #45551
  • [646cadccd0] - src: fix endianness of simdutf (Yagiz Nizipli) #46257
  • [94605b1665] - src: replace unreachable code with static_assert (Tobias Nießen) #46209
  • [3ce39bbcb7] - src: hide kMaxDigestMultiplier outside HKDF impl (Tobias Nießen) #46206
  • [9648b06e09] - src: distinguish env stopping flags (Chengzhong Wu) #45907
  • [53ecd20bbd] - src: remove return after abort (Shelley Vohr) #46172
  • [c4c8931b9d] - src: remove unnecessary semicolons (Shelley Vohr) #46171
  • [fab72b1677] - src: use simdutf for converting externalized builtins to UTF-16 (Anna Henningsen) #46119
  • [67729961e7] - src: use constant strings for memory info names (Chengzhong Wu) #46087
  • [0ac4e5dd34] - src: fix typo in (Vadim) #46103
  • [b454a7665d] - src: keep PipeWrap::Open function consistent with TCPWrap (theanarkh) #46064
  • [41f5a29cca] - src: speed up process.getActiveResourcesInfo() (Darshan Sen) #46014
  • [02a61dd6bd] - src: fix typo in (Vadim) #45998
  • [99c033ed98] - src: fix crash on OnStreamRead on Windows (Santiago Gimeno) #45878
  • [27d6a8b2b1] - src: fix creating Isolates from addons (Anna Henningsen) #45885
  • [9ca31cdba3] - src: use string_view for FastStringKey implementation (Anna Henningsen) #45914
  • [e4fc3abfd5] - src: fix UB in overflow checks (Ben Noordhuis) #45882
  • [574afac26a] - src: check size of args before using for exec_path (A. Wilcox) #45902
  • [f0692468cd] - src: fix tls certificate root store data race (Ben Noordhuis) #45767
  • [a749ceda2e] - src: add undici and acorn to process.versions (Debadree Chatterjee) #45621
  • [08a6a61575] - src,lib: the handle keeps loop alive in cluster rr mode (theanarkh) #46161
  • [a87963de6b] - stream: fix pipeline calling end on destination more than once (Debadree Chatterjee) #46226
  • [cde59606cd] - (SEMVER-MINOR) stream: implement finished() for ReadableStream and WritableStream (Debadree Chatterjee) #46205
  • [441d9de33e] - stream: refactor to use validateFunction (Deokjin Kim) #46007
  • [325fc08d48] - stream: fix typo in JSDoc (Deokjin Kim) #45991
  • [536322fa1c] - test: update postject to 1.0.0-alpha.4 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #46212
  • [a3056f4125] - test: refactor to avoid mutation of global by a loader (Michaël Zasso) #46220
  • [1790569518] - test: improve test coverage for WHATWG TextDecoder (Juan José) #45241
  • [896027c006] - test: add fix so that test exits if port 42 is unprivileged (Suyash Nayan) #45904
  • [257224da0e] - test: use os.availableParallelism() (Deokjin Kim) #46003
  • [7e1462dd02] - test: update Web Events WPT (Deokjin Kim) #46051
  • [40d52fbc5f] - test: add test to once() in event lib (Jonathan Diaz) #46126
  • [f3518f3337] - test: use process.hrtime.bigint instead of process.hrtime (Deokjin Kim) #45877
  • [4d6dd10464] - test: print failed JS/parallel tests (Geoffrey Booth) #45960
  • [7cb6fef6d6] - test: fix test broken under --node-builtin-modules-path (Geoffrey Booth) #45894
  • [55e4140c34] - test: fix mock.method to support class instances (Erick Wendel) #45608
  • [286acaa6fe] - test: update encoding wpt to latest (Yagiz Nizipli) #45850
  • [22c1e918ce] - test: update url wpt to latest (Yagiz Nizipli) #45852
  • [5fa6a70bbd] - test: add CryptoKey transferring tests (Filip Skokan) #45811
  • [4aaec07266] - test: add postject to fixtures (Darshan Sen) #45298
  • [da78f9cbb8] - test,crypto: update WebCryptoAPI WPT (Filip Skokan) #45860
  • [3269423032] - test,esm: validate more edge cases for dynamic imports (Antoine du Hamel) #46059
  • [cade2fccf4] - test_runner: run t.after() if test body throws (Colin Ihrig) #45870
  • [87a0e86604] - test_runner: parse yaml (Moshe Atlow) #45815
  • [757a022443] - tls: don't treat fatal TLS alerts as EOF (David Benjamin) #44563
  • [c6457cbf8d] - tls: fix re-entrancy issue with TLS close_notify (David Benjamin) #44563
  • [fcca2d5ea6] - tools: update lint-md-dependencies (Node.js GitHub Bot) #46214
  • [09adb86c19] - tools: fix macro name in update-undici (Almeida) #46217
  • [1b0cc79785] - tools: add automation for updating postject dependency (Darshan Sen) #46157
  • [38df662119] - tools: update create-or-update-pull-request-action (Michaël Zasso) #46169
  • [3f4c0c0de1] - tools: update eslint to 8.31.0 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #46131
  • [f3dc4329e6] - tools: update lint-md-dependencies to [email protected] (Node.js GitHub Bot) #46129
  • [fafbd1ca72] - tools: move to dep_updaters/ (Luigi Pinca) #46088
  • [609df01fa9] - tools: make work with npm@9 (Luigi Pinca) #46088
  • [31b8cf1a4d] - tools: fix lint rule recommendation (Colin Ihrig) #46044
  • [0a80cbdcb1] - tools: update lint-md-dependencies to [email protected] (Node.js GitHub Bot) #46039
  • [18503fa7ba] - tools: update doc to [email protected] (Node.js GitHub Bot) #46038
  • [b48e82ec1d] - tools: add release host var to promotion script (Ruy Adorno) #45913
  • [3b93b0c1f5] - tools: add url to AUTHORS update automation (Antoine du Hamel) #45971
  • [623b0eba81] - tools: update lint-md-dependencies to [email protected] (Node.js GitHub Bot) #45967
  • [b0e88377fe] - tools: update GitHub workflow action (Mohammed Keyvanzadeh) #45937
  • [974442e69d] - tools: update lint-md dependencies (Node.js GitHub Bot) #45813
  • [5aaa8c3bbf] - tools: enforce use of trailing commas in tools/ (Antoine du Hamel) #45889
  • [1e32520f72] - tools: add ArrayPrototypeConcat to the list of primordials to avoid (Antoine du Hamel) #44445
  • [e0cda56204] - tools: fix incorrect version history order (Fabien Michel) #45728
  • [7438ff175a] - tools: update eslint to 8.29.0 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #45733
  • [1e11247b91] - Revert "tools: update V8 gypfiles for RISC-V" (Lu Yahan) #46156
  • [0defe4effa] - trace_events: refactor to use validateStringArray (Deokjin Kim) #46012
  • [f1dcbe7652] - util: add fast path for text-decoder fatal flag (Yagiz Nizipli) #45803
  • [277d9da876] - vm: refactor to use validate function (Deokjin Kim) #46176
  • [96f1b2e731] - vm: refactor to use validateStringArray (Deokjin Kim) #46020

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514438c258ee87e3083c21359f6d5e84988946db8a5ed5fa8bb0485276ea99f0  node-v18.14.0-darwin-arm64.tar.gz
d6bc589395ffd24c9e7cca3a1fb7a2764f8261e8f8817b5c8e44ea762302d8ae  node-v18.14.0-darwin-arm64.tar.xz
274a62f2f1c21e6216a9be1445c53ef63814db4a3ffeea8028b507fb6453c0ac  node-v18.14.0-darwin-x64.tar.gz
2ee2de15a11d4db7bb6a127d2d5428df52d35af25ccbd674679777454e6d0902  node-v18.14.0-darwin-x64.tar.xz
04978e8ac20452e55773ecf8e0eb0215793477ecac6c7c9b20afd75f8cacc3be  node-v18.14.0-headers.tar.gz
f69f182eecdb289cae73958ddcb05e95e23a49a1ae6a7a9e53d96ab01f240cbc  node-v18.14.0-headers.tar.xz
29b38346f6b01e14a7582adf0132fae83410a8da21cdba936357010a065290a6  node-v18.14.0-linux-arm64.tar.gz
30ef375f0b8006759c0e08bee9d4b74915b95abfa924006c289d2d474a8b152e  node-v18.14.0-linux-arm64.tar.xz
3f70e965a387fc4c1dc2697ea5db0ac35bbc94f6f4767242e3986536ac66cd14  node-v18.14.0-linux-armv7l.tar.gz
d0a9f377507b070b47437c2b6229a564b94aed518fb367106c0e1861bb992770  node-v18.14.0-linux-armv7l.tar.xz
9218cc9001aced06d8f0017a151663277aa641f1420a966631c3f49633638cde  node-v18.14.0-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz
068a3b6852ddc1bdf09314501549e3b434599df13dd69cd5ed54d2521e787f2c  node-v18.14.0-linux-ppc64le.tar.xz
1e7b3e203c82680d2740a7cf780efc81fb8ea356a24bf4608273a50188f1eb8e  node-v18.14.0-linux-s390x.tar.gz
b413b6f207de43827d9fa33c9abc9e01f5f43c176777d65337da0d1e7d5333c6  node-v18.14.0-linux-s390x.tar.xz
bcdfd28bb7ab9a53c7045e0862556f77c250580c6d3d6cb960843895e024cac6  node-v18.14.0-linux-x64.tar.gz
1ccec74b6240fce8754813e31fdbc93ad520df2e814729cea29efe9075e48350  node-v18.14.0-linux-x64.tar.xz
732f9d65476d48c14574ce20e7c32083d56fe1fb794d7b862fee2af6b008f7e2  node-v18.14.0.pkg
4a13d9561ecc8d3c998ef952ab173396f84357572bd6ff1100012e4a10604c6b  node-v18.14.0.tar.gz
42ef9dd31993d5c8e82b0ab0969135093e6a296efa27b1be9afc04ac00f0267a  node-v18.14.0.tar.xz
0ead0ec8c5a1d605722bd03f77ab4f4d4f2e7390b55fac44c89e4920d7f13793  node-v18.14.0-win-x64.7z
272bac8871d2879f4b75ae8198898d65683f835fd3277be01e79fa1f14da4b3b  node-v18.14.0-win-x86.7z
944eff6104be19d1dc24f3940ab365aa972c47ee2a6b7cfee49dd436e748bd99  node-v18.14.0-x64.msi
745c33832b86aada7cd3efc6d9f99bc8f86a7c7006e3cb230f661d9461b1028c  node-v18.14.0-x86.msi
9e0d584e98f982f51e44f05340d927b982480bf76e61de87c3988256a6780e4b  win-x64/node.exe
28973fbe8ae770a132b4851b0166ec9ba435595f786bb05fc47c3611fefb1cf2  win-x64/node.lib
48525aeb8132b3dde13d772b821549978c99a96465ee48baeeadd4540fafdacb  win-x64/node_pdb.7z
dce86cf5b83c6bf54261e1e0c30a141d7b45ed79fe706f77cc7a0b6747631322  win-x64/
92ccedd38375e8a8fb9f1028666038a7cc8f20918539d39199641b505bf8c08c  win-x86/node.exe
a10d89fbd502902abaf307fe73b604a4733d403ac5c577e536607c1f3b16ac14  win-x86/node.lib
ea9ee369f8db18e5ef70c70ff84a65f3809c7bd6c648f6f0b4c6a12e70dd2627  win-x86/node_pdb.7z
86d3ea50b7839e477b091e7d90d4e348d62685ee398c3a884859483ec63662ec  win-x86/


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