Node v18.20.0 (LTS)

Richard Lau

2024-03-26, Version 18.20.0 'Hydrogen' (LTS), @richardlau

Notable Changes

Added support for import attributes

Support has been added for import attributes, to replace the old import assertions syntax. This will aid migration by making the new syntax available across all currently supported Node.js release lines.

This adds the with keyword which should be used in place of the previous assert keyword, which will be removed in a future semver-major Node.js release.

For example,

import "foo" assert { ... }

should be replaced with

import "foo" with { ... }

For more details, see

Contributed by Nicolò Ribaudo in #51136 and Antoine du Hamel in #50140.

Doc deprecation for dirent.path

Please use newly added dirent.parentPath instead.

Contributed by Antoine du Hamel in #50976 and #51020.

Experimental node-api feature flags

Introduces an experimental feature to segregate finalizers that affect GC state. A new type called node_api_nogc_env has been introduced as the const version of napi_env and node_api_nogc_finalize as a variant of napi_finalize that accepts a node_api_nogc_env as its first argument.

This feature can be turned off by defining NODE_API_EXPERIMENTAL_NOGC_ENV_OPT_OUT.

Contributed by Gabriel Schulhof in #50060.

Root certificates updated to NSS 3.98

Certificates added:

  • Telekom Security TLS ECC Root 2020
  • Telekom Security TLS RSA Root 2023

Certificates removed:

  • Security Communication Root CA

Updated dependencies

  • ada updated to 2.7.6.
  • base64 updated to 0.5.2.
  • c-ares updated to 1.27.0.
  • corepack updated to 0.25.2.
  • ICU updated to 74.2. Includes CLDR 44.1 and Unicode 15.1.
  • npm updated to 10.5.0. Fixes a regression in signals not being passed onto child processes.
  • simdutf8 updated to 4.0.8.
  • Timezone updated to 2024a.
  • zlib updated to

vm: fix V8 compilation cache support for vm.Script

Previously repeated compilation of the same source code using vm.Script stopped hitting the V8 compilation cache after v16.x when support for importModuleDynamically was added to vm.Script, resulting in a performance regression that blocked users (in particular Jest users) from upgrading from v16.x.

The recent fixes allow the compilation cache to be hit again for vm.Script when --experimental-vm-modules is not used even in the presence of the importModuleDynamically option, so that users affected by the performance regression can now upgrade. Ongoing work is also being done to enable compilation cache support for vm.CompileFunction.

Contributed by Joyee Cheung in #49950 and #50137.


  • [c70383b8d4] - build: support Python 3.12 (Shi Pujin) #50209
  • [4b960c3a4a] - build: fix incorrect g++ warning message (Richard Lau) #51695
  • [8fdea67694] - crypto: update root certificates to NSS 3.98 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #51794
  • [812b126dd9] - deps: V8: cherry-pick d90d4533b053 (Michaël Zasso) #50077
  • [9ab8c3db87] - deps: update c-ares to 1.27.0 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #51846
  • [c688680387] - deps: update c-ares to 1.26.0 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #51582
  • [9498ac8a47] - deps: compile c-ares with C11 support (Michaël Zasso) #51410
  • [8fb743642f] - deps: update c-ares to 1.25.0 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #51385
  • [7bea2d7c12] - deps: update zlib to (Node.js GitHub Bot) #51274
  • [57a38c8f75] - deps: update zlib to (Node.js GitHub Bot) #51105
  • [b0ca084a6b] - deps: update zlib to 1.3-22124f5 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #50910
  • [4b43823f37] - deps: update zlib to (Node.js GitHub Bot) #50803
  • [f0da591812] - deps: update zlib to (Node.js GitHub Bot) #50456
  • [16d28a883a] - deps: update base64 to 0.5.2 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #51455
  • [13a9e81cb6] - deps: update base64 to 0.5.1 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #50629
  • [b4502d3ac5] - deps: update simdutf to 4.0.8 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #51000
  • [183cf8a74a] - deps: update simdutf to 4.0.4 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #50772
  • [11ba8593ea] - deps: update ada to 2.7.6 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #51542
  • [73a946d55c] - deps: update ada to 2.7.5 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #51542
  • [cc434c1a39] - deps: update ada to 2.7.4 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #50815
  • [3a3808a6ae] - deps: upgrade npm to 10.5.0 (npm team) #51913
  • [c8876d765c] - deps: upgrade npm to 10.3.0 (npm team) #51431
  • [5aec3af460] - deps: update corepack to 0.25.2 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #51810
  • [a593985326] - deps: update corepack to 0.24.1 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #51459
  • [d1a9237bf5] - deps: update corepack to 0.24.0 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #51318
  • [adac0c7a63] - deps: update corepack to 0.23.0 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #50563
  • [4a6f83e32a] - deps: escape Python strings correctly (Michaël Zasso) #50695
  • [c13969e52a] - deps: V8: cherry-pick ea996ad04a68 (Nicolò Ribaudo) #51136
  • [6fbf0ba5c3] - deps: V8: cherry-pick a0fd3209dda8 (Nicolò Ribaudo) #51136
  • [68fd7516e1] - deps: update timezone to 2024a (Michaël Zasso) #51723
  • [f9b229ebe1] - deps: update icu to 74.2 (Michaël Zasso) #51723
  • [90c73d2eb4] - deps: update timezone to 2023d (Node.js GitHub Bot) #51461
  • [2a2bf57028] - deps: update icu to 74.1 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #50515
  • [425e011e52] - deps: add v8::Object::SetInternalFieldForNodeCore() (Joyee Cheung) #49874
  • [58c70344a2] - deps: V8: cherry-pick 705e374124ae (Joyee Cheung) #51004
  • [b0e88899e1] - deps: V8: cherry-pick 1fada6b36f8d (Joyee Cheung) #51004
  • [d87a810b81] - deps: V8: cherry-pick 3dd9576ce336 (Joyee Cheung) #51004
  • [6d50966876] - deps: V8: cherry-pick 94e8282325a1 (Joyee Cheung) #51004
  • [fafbacdfec] - deps: V8: cherry-pick 9a98f96b6d68 (Joyee Cheung) #51004
  • [d4a530ed8d] - deps: V8: cherry-pick 7f5daed62d47 (Joyee Cheung) #51004
  • [1ce901b164] - deps: V8: cherry-pick c400af48b5ef (Joyee Cheung) #51004
  • [f232064f35] - doc: fix historical experimental fetch flag (Kenrick) #51506
  • [194ff6a40f] - (SEMVER-MINOR) doc: add deprecation notice to dirent.path (Antoine du Hamel) #50976
  • [0f09267dc6] - (SEMVER-MINOR) doc: deprecate dirent.path (Antoine du Hamel) #50976
  • [8bfb8f5b2f] - doc,crypto: further clarify RSA_PKCS1_PADDING support (Tobias Nießen) #51799
  • [c7baf7b274] - doc,crypto: add changelog and note about disabled RSA_PKCS1_PADDING (Filip Skokan) #51782
  • [a193be3dc2] - esm: use import attributes instead of import assertions (Antoine du Hamel) #50140
  • [26e8f7793e] - (SEMVER-MINOR) fs: introduce dirent.parentPath (Antoine du Hamel) #50976
  • [5b5e5192f7] - lib: fix compileFunction throws range error for negative numbers (Jithil P Ponnan) #49855
  • [7552de6806] - module: fix the leak in SourceTextModule and ContextifySript (Joyee Cheung) #48510
  • [2e05cf1c60] - module: fix leak of vm.SyntheticModule (Joyee Cheung) #48510
  • [a86a2e14a3] - module: use symbol in WeakMap to manage host defined options (Joyee Cheung) #48510
  • [32906ddcac] - node-api: segregate nogc APIs from rest via type system (Gabriel Schulhof) #50060
  • [1aa71c26ff] - node-api: factor out common code into macros (Gabriel Schulhof) #50664
  • [3d0b233f52] - node-api: introduce experimental feature flags (Gabriel Schulhof) #50991
  • [96514a8b9f] - src: iterate on import attributes array correctly (Michaël Zasso) #50703
  • [2c2892bf88] - src: set ModuleWrap internal fields only once (Joyee Cheung) #49391
  • [ff334cb774] - src: cast v8::Object::GetInternalField() return value to v8::Value (Joyee Cheung) #48943
  • [270b519971] - stream: do not defer construction by one microtick (Matteo Collina) #52005
  • [95d7a75084] - test: fix dns test case failures after c-ares update to 1.21.0+ (Brad House) #50743
  • [cd613e5167] - test: handle relative https redirect (Richard Lau) #51121
  • [40f10eafcf] - test: fix internet/test-inspector-help-page (Richard Lau) #51693
  • [5e426511b1] - test: deflake test-vm-contextified-script-leak (Joyee Cheung) #49710
  • [0b156c6d28] - test: use checkIfCollectable in vm leak tests (Joyee Cheung) #49671
  • [1586c11b3c] - test: add checkIfCollectable to test/common/gc.js (Joyee Cheung) #49671
  • [902d8b3d4b] - test: fix flaky http-chunk-extensions-limit test (Ethan Arrowood) #51943
  • [1743d2bdc1] - test: test surrogate pair filenames on windows (Mert Can Altın) #51800
  • [1c1a7ec22d] - test: increase platform timeout zlib-brotli-16gb (Rafael Gonzaga) #51792
  • [931d02fe3e] - test, v8: fix wrong import attributes test (Nicolò Ribaudo) #52184
  • [d9ea6c1f8d] - tls: fix order of setting cipher before setting cert and key (Kumar Rishav) #50186
  • [3184befa2e] - tools: fix (Michaël Zasso) #51723
  • [06646e11be] - (SEMVER-MINOR) vm: use import attributes instead of import assertions (Antoine du Hamel) #50141
  • [fe66e9d06e] - vm: reject in importModuleDynamically without --experimental-vm-modules (Joyee Cheung) #50137
  • [052e095c6b] - vm: use internal versions of compileFunction and Script (Joyee Cheung) #50137
  • [9f7899ed0a] - vm: unify host-defined option generation in vm.compileFunction (Joyee Cheung) #50137
  • [6291c107d0] - vm: use default HDO when importModuleDynamically is not set (Joyee Cheung) #49950

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10066ad4dd9e03ea5c4c45ef8775420ff37b860de09bbdf87b97e0c07b1ea036  node-v18.20.0-darwin-arm64.tar.gz
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062ba71618e88e06321de5caa038843c350aababa2d315f3ca7b8551f8e66c1c  node-v18.20.0-darwin-x64.tar.gz
c8afd1aac8759e69e35dd4aea8a19c6c3ab23d76fe5bccd0d3dc821354ef8043  node-v18.20.0-darwin-x64.tar.xz
b3c58422afab272e35c2eb8a79534cbb2571da0cc8b662972be93edbac567eaf  node-v18.20.0-headers.tar.gz
3c554e939b14afddb7695a3c560eb95cc313f8ff22fc6cba29cf9d879f5e08bf  node-v18.20.0-headers.tar.xz
93ff82497bf2ff7c0b2549637dd5098039439aa7805b08412cc71a98d437d9dd  node-v18.20.0-linux-arm64.tar.gz
afe51da9ffb38ac1e3a20d9a06efd403ced4bf8831ab554a02a088dd8392fd79  node-v18.20.0-linux-arm64.tar.xz
2b63df8b0e6f57efd41b9e0d55a1da302283884aa06e2f54d303f6c9b3d74614  node-v18.20.0-linux-armv7l.tar.gz
076d62655154f5af14a3a7c690aaea9d2a6fe0d0d1cbfcbaa4bac51416b2c2c3  node-v18.20.0-linux-armv7l.tar.xz
9e652bbf53a3e37285b11dfb9d6a9bb8b02010c3b50e5c8229d4cc10e72681da  node-v18.20.0-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz
433e5abf116a39b89b86637dde064d5d987628cd963513bdd9fe4757314821a3  node-v18.20.0-linux-ppc64le.tar.xz
172de3836c23634e965b7b48e193389e3869b2e822f7577b1f595181dd3526a6  node-v18.20.0-linux-s390x.tar.gz
a6c2a5796b9d9e9bf21da62ec89ff30b41a8108880b9eaa3c912f1ce795a7743  node-v18.20.0-linux-s390x.tar.xz
80620426d177141aa99376de2ad1cb5ed461104cc53c0a5334df91467c60cac3  node-v18.20.0-linux-x64.tar.gz
03eea148e56785babb27930b05ed6bf311aaa3bc573c0399dd63cad2fe5713c7  node-v18.20.0-linux-x64.tar.xz
e09a80c95d1c6fa705542e3cd7e9215531f2bf90d0542526e578002294c46469  node-v18.20.0.pkg
6961be205e1f88272fbcfced2d07febf2a708fc1f2aa8fac5f383448d900da92  node-v18.20.0.tar.gz
04c86779a2cc7eefdfcf379a9d85883aa1d3b1dc8909b6221b163684817856a4  node-v18.20.0.tar.xz
ba9dfcc964e81e75561167b0b091160ceb597b19708bb8241e78691900d93e7a  node-v18.20.0-win-x64.7z
ad51c028ff4dc4f6c7db894c754aed68efda69356ffc1bc9de590ff223cbd278  node-v18.20.0-win-x86.7z
bd0c8b9395d3d557100dce101b4389e287d6d738d2631cb05f1977c9544c561b  node-v18.20.0-x64.msi
43b21eae9afb028c8063e75ea813367b1882f9a89dd0e3689b4dbc782b4c3b6e  node-v18.20.0-x86.msi
fc346b6005bc3e499c785b666b6eaa12f5472fdc1f8974ec06e420cc9e24084d  win-x64/node.exe
64d93225aaece04e3cd45177d6dea2b22df49e127281fefa3ade43ac46a36cc6  win-x64/node.lib
0578c4eafc0fe3ffac13939040d15a1e0e139ea03a2cdae9139541a1f7c656e9  win-x64/node_pdb.7z
33e7f2df6ffa215818f8c5b312792f56d673166b36e289cb8457aa838ba217b6  win-x64/
e43c9c39ff9901946ece51078e15c54abe95a46f0eace502edc4fe562aed0e53  win-x86/node.exe
df34047e8ae646e6f43d76ecbec9709a185f29e01f49b377c4c46070cacc2859  win-x86/node.lib
cbc76028e2d28cd95ca8d1c8cac7bf5b524bebcc6ad9421a2dbfb4f4dc1e1164  win-x86/node_pdb.7z
2fc78e5e09afdbbed40fe39fc4b12bf139af67c00226da82d204b567dfb43fe2  win-x86/