Node v21.1.0 (Current)

Michaël Zasso

2023-10-24, Version 21.1.0 (Current), @targos

Notable Changes

Automatically detect and run ESM syntax

The new flag --experimental-detect-module can be used to automatically run ES modules when their syntax can be detected. For “ambiguous” files, which are .js or extensionless files with no package.json with a type field, Node.js will parse the file to detect ES module syntax; if found, it will run the file as an ES module, otherwise it will run the file as a CommonJS module. The same applies to string input via --eval or STDIN.

We hope to make detection enabled by default in a future version of Node.js. Detection increases startup time, so we encourage everyone — especially package authors — to add a type field to package.json, even for the default "type": "commonjs". The presence of a type field, or explicit extensions such as .mjs or .cjs, will opt out of detection.

Contributed by Geoffrey Booth in #50096.

vm: fix V8 compilation cache support for vm.Script

Previously repeated compilation of the same source code using vm.Script stopped hitting the V8 compilation cache after v16.x when support for importModuleDynamically was added to vm.Script, resulting in a performance regression that blocked users (in particular Jest users) from upgrading from v16.x.

The recent fixes landed in v21.1.0 allow the compilation cache to be hit again for vm.Script when --experimental-vm-modules is not used even in the presence of the importModuleDynamically option, so that users affected by the performance regression can now upgrade. Ongoing work is also being done to enable compilation cache support for vm.CompileFunction.

Contributed by Joyee Cheung in

Other Notable Changes

  • [3729e33358] - doc: add H4ad to collaborators (Vinícius Lourenço) #50217
  • [18862e4d5d] - (SEMVER-MINOR) fs: add flush option to appendFile() functions (Colin Ihrig) #50095
  • [5a52c518ef] - (SEMVER-MINOR) lib: add navigator.userAgent (Yagiz Nizipli) #50200
  • [789372a072] - (SEMVER-MINOR) stream: allow pass stream class to stream.compose (Alex Yang) #50187
  • [f3a9ea0bc4] - stream: improve performance of readable stream reads (Raz Luvaton) #50173


  • [9cd68b9083] - buffer: remove unnecessary assignment in fromString (Tobias Nießen) #50199
  • [a362c276ec] - crypto: ensure valid point on elliptic curve in SubtleCrypto.importKey (Filip Skokan) #50234
  • [f4da308f8d] - deps: V8: cherry-pick f7d000a7ae7b (Luke Albao) #50302
  • [269e268c38] - deps: update ada to 2.7.2 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #50338
  • [03a31ce41e] - deps: update corepack to 0.22.0 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #50325
  • [000531781b] - deps: update undici to 5.26.4 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #50274
  • [f050668c14] - deps: update c-ares to 1.20.1 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #50082
  • [ba258b682b] - deps: update c-ares to 1.20.0 (Node.js GitHub Bot) #50082
  • [571f7ef1fa] - deps: patch V8 to (Michaël Zasso) #50114
  • [943047e800] - deps: V8: cherry-pick 25902244ad1a (Joyee Cheung) #50156
  • [db2a1cf1cb] - doc: fix navigator.hardwareConcurrency example (Tobias Nießen) #50278
  • [6e537aeb44] - doc: explain how to disable navigator (Geoffrey Booth) #50310
  • [c40de82d62] - doc: add loong64 info into platform list (Shi Pujin) #50086
  • [1c21a1880b] - doc: update release process LTS step (Richard Lau) #50299
  • [2473aa3672] - doc: fix release process table of contents (Richard Lau) #50216
  • [ce9d84eae3] - doc: update api stream.compose (Alex Yang) #50206
  • [dacee4d9b5] - doc: add ReflectConstruct to known perf issues (Vinicius Lourenço) #50111
  • [82363be2ac] - doc: fix typo in dgram docs (Peter Johnson) #50211
  • [8c1a46c751] - doc: fix H4ad collaborator sort (Vinicius Lourenço) #50218
  • [3729e33358] - doc: add H4ad to collaborators (Vinícius Lourenço) #50217
  • [bac872cbd0] - doc: update release-stewards with last sec-release (Rafael Gonzaga) #50179
  • [06b7724f14] - doc: add command to keep major branch sync (Rafael Gonzaga) #50102
  • [47633ab086] - doc: add loong64 to list of architectures (Shi Pujin) #50172
  • [1f40ca1b91] - doc: update security release process (Michael Dawson) #50166
  • [998feda118] - esm: do not give wrong hints when detecting file format (Antoine du Hamel) #50314
  • [e375063e01] - (SEMVER-MINOR) esm: detect ESM syntax in ambiguous JavaScript (Geoffrey Booth) #50096
  • [c76eb27971] - esm: improve check for ESM syntax (Geoffrey Booth) #50127
  • [7740bf820c] - esm: rename error code related to import attributes (Antoine du Hamel) #50181
  • [0cc176ef25] - fs: improve error performance for readSync (Jungku Lee) #50033
  • [5942edb774] - fs: improve error performance for fsyncSync (Jungku Lee) #49880
  • [6ec5abadc0] - fs: improve error performance for mkdirSync (CanadaHonk) #49847
  • [c5ff000cb1] - fs: improve error performance of realpathSync (Yagiz Nizipli) #49962
  • [6eeaa02f5c] - fs: improve error performance of lchownSync (Yagiz Nizipli) #49962
  • [dc9ac8d41c] - fs: improve error performance of symlinkSync (Yagiz Nizipli) #49962
  • [bc6f279261] - fs: improve error performance of readlinkSync (Yagiz Nizipli) #49962
  • [275987841e] - fs: improve error performance of mkdtempSync (Yagiz Nizipli) #49962
  • [81f15274e2] - fs: improve error performance of linkSync (Yagiz Nizipli) #49962
  • [f766c04856] - fs: improve error performance of chownSync (Yagiz Nizipli) #49962
  • [610036c67d] - fs: improve error performance of renameSync (Yagiz Nizipli) #49962
  • [18862e4d5d] - (SEMVER-MINOR) fs: add flush option to appendFile() functions (Colin Ihrig) #50095
  • [3f8cbb15cb] - http2: allow streams to complete gracefully after goaway (Michael Lumish) #50202
  • [1464eba1a0] - lib: improve performance of validateStringArray and validateBooleanArray (Aras Abbasi) #49756
  • [5a52c518ef] - (SEMVER-MINOR) lib: add navigator.userAgent (Yagiz Nizipli) #50200
  • [b6021ab8f6] - lib: reduce overhead of blob clone (Vinicius Lourenço) #50110
  • [be19d9baa1] - meta: move Trott to TSC regular member (Rich Trott) #50297
  • [91e373f8e9] - node-api: return napi_exception_pending on proxy handlers (Chengzhong Wu) #48607
  • [531a3ae4b5] - stream: simplify prefinish (Robert Nagy) #50204
  • [514ac86579] - stream: reduce scope of readable bitmap details (Robert Nagy) #49963
  • [789372a072] - (SEMVER-MINOR) stream: allow pass stream class to stream.compose (Alex Yang) #50187
  • [f3a9ea0bc4] - stream: call helper function from push and unshift (Raz Luvaton) #50173
  • [a9ca7b32e7] - test: improve watch mode test (Moshe Atlow) #50319
  • [63b7059efd] - test: set test-watch-mode-inspect as flaky (Yagiz Nizipli) #50259
  • [7f87084b05] - Revert "test: set test-esm-loader-resolve-type as flaky" (Antoine du Hamel) #50315
  • [4d390e2de4] - test: replace forEach with for..of in test-http-perf_hooks.js (Niya Shiyas) #49818
  • [67c599ec39] - test: replace forEach with for..of in test-net-isipv4.js (Niya Shiyas) #49822
  • [19d3ce2494] - test: deflake test-esm-loader-resolve-type (Antoine du Hamel) #50273
  • [2d8d6c5701] - test: replace forEach with for..of in test-http2-server (Niya Shiyas) #49819
  • [af31d51e5a] - test: replace forEach with for..of in test-http2-client-destroy.js (Niya Shiyas) #49820
  • [465ad2a5ce] - test: update url web platform tests (Yagiz Nizipli) #50264
  • [3b80a6894c] - test: set test-emit-after-on-destroyed as flaky (Yagiz Nizipli) #50246
  • [57adbdd156] - test: set inspector async stack test as flaky (Yagiz Nizipli) #50244
  • [6507f66404] - test: set test-worker-nearheaplimit-deadlock flaky (StefanStojanovic) #50277
  • [21a6ba548d] - test: set test-cli-node-options as flaky (Yagiz Nizipli) #50296
  • [c55f8f30cb] - test: reduce the number of requests and parsers (Luigi Pinca) #50240
  • [5129bedfa2] - test: set crypto-timing test as flaky (Yagiz Nizipli) #50232
  • [9bc5ab5e07] - test: set test-structuredclone-* as flaky (Yagiz Nizipli) #50261
  • [317e447ddc] - test: deflake test-loaders-workers-spawned (Antoine du Hamel) #50251
  • [0c710daae2] - test: improve code coverage of diagnostics_channel (Jithil P Ponnan) #50053
  • [7c6e4d7ec3] - test: set test-esm-loader-resolve-type as flaky (Yagiz Nizipli) #50226
  • [c8744909b0] - test: set inspector async hook test as flaky (Yagiz Nizipli) #50252
  • [3e38001739] - test: skip test-benchmark-os.js on IBM i (Abdirahim Musse) #50208
  • [dd66fdfb7b] - test: set parallel http server test as flaky (Yagiz Nizipli) #50227
  • [a38d1311bf] - test: set test-worker-nearheaplimit-deadlock flaky (Stefan Stojanovic) #50238
  • [8efb75fd80] - test: set test-runner-watch-mode as flaky (Yagiz Nizipli) #50221
  • [143ddded74] - test: set sea snapshot tests as flaky (Yagiz Nizipli) #50223
  • [ae905a8f35] - test: fix defect path traversal tests (Tobias Nießen) #50124
  • [ce27ee701b] - tls: reduce TLS 'close' event listener warnings (Tim Perry) #50136
  • [ab4bae8e1f] - tools: drop support for osx notarization with gon (Ulises Gascón) #50291
  • [5df3d5abcc] - tools: update comment in and acorn_version.h (Jungku Lee) #50175
  • [bf7b94f0b3] - tools: refactor (Mohammed Keyvanzadeh) #50011
  • [5dc454a837] - util: remove internal mime fns from benchmarks (Aras Abbasi) #50201
  • [8f7eb15603] - vm: use import attributes instead of import assertions (Antoine du Hamel) #50141
  • [dda33c2bf1] - vm: reject in importModuleDynamically without --experimental-vm-modules (Joyee Cheung) #50137
  • [3999362c59] - vm: use internal versions of compileFunction and Script (Joyee Cheung) #50137
  • [a54179f0e0] - vm: unify host-defined option generation in vm.compileFunction (Joyee Cheung) #50137
  • [87be790fa9] - worker: handle detached MessagePort from a different context (Juan José) #49150

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f33382175ab49d0c9bd176401e746a041db1c7c31c85b7b91344e188945c3ba1  node-v21.1.0-darwin-x64.tar.xz
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5480f438703049f55f19fc3247f6aa1e8059b2f47cf08e9adfdcb7ce7aedff70  node-v21.1.0-linux-arm64.tar.gz
ff487ad68d898a6eebbf02e15fe5c5a885991828732163501fdf21af7a7bef36  node-v21.1.0-linux-arm64.tar.xz
0d51fe055599c17b2e3389d15868d4fd5ca07b408f8c15c325874595310a9382  node-v21.1.0-linux-armv7l.tar.gz
a8de516f50e6f4a7325d115a7cf398ac15440d495672f5d0118296b5d593fee9  node-v21.1.0-linux-armv7l.tar.xz
ed90f74545cd44474bbb947544679d3dfb44403200f7d2faa49402bebf26e52f  node-v21.1.0-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz
8c932a1259291e8db9874981886d17993ab82ecf1ecaeda2c102b5f44ef94593  node-v21.1.0-linux-ppc64le.tar.xz
b45b87d21dada54999ef8d80957a6e700d0d29dd1b7f23502223c4a67d9d0a10  node-v21.1.0-linux-s390x.tar.gz
a8d04ae7a2b401e469a2c7e1e579d985126d3ec1a024bcc5220a059fcf861c17  node-v21.1.0-linux-s390x.tar.xz
b919cad4e8a5abbd7e6a4433c4f8a7cdc1a78c1e526c6c1aa4a5fcf74011ad2b  node-v21.1.0-linux-x64.tar.gz
6a1020b5605ba4b4a89b08147e5fd124bd9d1fd5bfe5301fe0567af67bf0e335  node-v21.1.0-linux-x64.tar.xz
5fcb23725fa760ebe059cc5d957e9214f22ba623b20ee20301089a89d33bc06f  node-v21.1.0.pkg
86e2fbfa8a9977656a82bb1a15208e7d45bd7a05dec331d0abf6fcf938a97cc3  node-v21.1.0.tar.gz
91ac72e4444c5e5ab4b448030a61ffa95acd35d34a9d31d2d220ee2bed01b925  node-v21.1.0.tar.xz
8a0f2c3abea32eb1706772d741ed8ea05de8f0b170561b37088cb2412de5cb2b  node-v21.1.0-win-arm64.7z
20ad766d8576e0c651dcbd6cbafaf803a51110613304224820c38936858af774  node-v21.1.0-win-x64.7z
3247272d574287ea798a34bd5a393671d44d0f608434f06eb97696754ee0257f  node-v21.1.0-win-x86.7z
9890aaf7b9387a6d15890735b8facfe9eb072aebfd30e38cbeaf3426a1eabdc0  node-v21.1.0-x64.msi
53f8248e82282552f9fe5709a771801c4adb174f6dc35e2610077edc758d2bcf  node-v21.1.0-x86.msi
69d61ca95c2a81f2a8f535446a2bfdd8b905d1b1783d18ae82b92017a637ab61  win-arm64/node.exe
aa149ab68ccab472beea201d39283390547c8e0a12b099797a0cfb6d9ffefb7b  win-arm64/node.lib
085701532872fa03f7c29148b6b880245a765ee5f2c51593fc97a848730f9a57  win-arm64/node_pdb.7z
97580ce603887840a19f314a7eeaede4e18b72de0dfda060ea5ac4e747fc6465  win-arm64/
1cbbd083f79c51c6ca4d3ccffc944895d4e04e182849fd49855d93b66c0bb411  win-x64/node.exe
2f88106acb54a105e7beda077ab9eda04d98c202db9c1477ea48d7dd9e58151a  win-x64/node.lib
f100227a3a7351c7340ef440a6b7dc2a4c2ab9786d0d3f8f603fb5658c423946  win-x64/node_pdb.7z
7b29f3242e0eaffb8990d8cd375a6a9d48079708e3dbc676c7a30d67895e052f  win-x64/
2374196fac3d6b3611a411a6c413f1a78f47e47f7d5a86e861e774bf8203bc10  win-x86/node.exe
6825637ae988424a72f049ba92264be2956881875ee264cb71441bfbff5bcd85  win-x86/node.lib
842afb550c8821b82a1136dc29a3d0a0c862a045bea2c9940148569305a867c3  win-x86/node_pdb.7z
3e5357d128e79924866b1ed039458f43af377676c2d3b0fbba751986be14a833  win-x86/