Node v4.4.2 (LTS)

Myles Borins

This release includes a security update for npm. For more details you can read this post on our blog written by Forrest L Norvell from npm.

Update: The version of npm included in this release did not have the correct version string. As such executing npm -v will report 2.15.0 rather than 2.15.1, which is incorrect. The source code included in this release is in fact the source for 2.15.1, including the security fix.

Notable Changes

  • https:
    • Under certain conditions ssl sockets may have been causing a memory leak when keepalive is enabled. This is no longer the case. (Alexander Penev) #5713
  • lib:
    • The way that we were internally passing arguments was causing a potential leak. By copying the arguments into an array we can avoid this. (Nathan Woltman) #4361
  • npm:
    • Upgrade to v2.15.1. Fixes a security flaw in the use of authentication tokens in HTTP requests that would allow an attacker to set up a server that could collect tokens from users of the command-line interface. Authentication tokens have previously been sent with every request made by the CLI for logged-in users, regardless of the destination of the request. This update fixes this by only including those tokens for requests made against the registry or registries used for the current install. (Forrest L Norvell)
  • repl:
    • Previously if you were using the repl in strict mode the column number would be wrong in a stack trace. This is no longer an issue. (Prince J Wesley) #5416


  • [96e163a79f] - buffer: changing let in for loops back to var (Gareth Ellis) #5819
  • [0c6f6742f2] - console: check that stderr is writable (Rich Trott) #5635
  • [55c3f804c4] - deps: upgrade npm in LTS to 2.15.1 (Forrest L Norvell)
  • [1d0e4a987d] - deps: remove unused openssl files (Ben Noordhuis) #5619
  • [d55599f4d8] - dns: use template literals (Benjamin Gruenbaum) #5809
  • [42bbdc9dd1] - doc Add @mhdawson back to the CTC (James M Snell) #5633
  • [8d86d232e7] - doc: typo: interal->internal. (Corey Kosak) #5849
  • [60ddab841e] - doc: add instructions to only sign a release (Jeremiah Senkpiel) #5876
  • [040263e0f3] - doc: grammar, clarity and links in timers doc (Bryan English) #5792
  • [8c24bd25a6] - doc: fix order of end tags of list after heading (firedfox) #5874
  • [7c837028da] - doc: use consistent event name parameter (Benjamin Gruenbaum) #5850
  • [20faf9097d] - doc: explain error message on missing main file (Wolfgang Steiner) #5812
  • [79d26ae196] - doc: explain path.format expected properties (John Eversole) #5801
  • [e43e8e3a31] - doc: add a cli options doc page (Jeremiah Senkpiel) #5787
  • [c0a24e4a1d] - doc: fix multiline return comments in querystring (Claudio Rodriguez) #5705
  • [bf1fe4693c] - doc: Add windows example for Path.format (Mithun Patel) #5700
  • [3b8fc4fddc] - doc: update crypto docs to use good defaults (Bill Automata) #5505
  • [a6ec8a6cb7] - doc: fix crypto update() signatures (Brian White) #5500
  • [eb0ed46665] - doc: reformat & improve node.1 manual page (Jeremiah Senkpiel) #5497
  • [b70ca4a4b4] - doc: updated fs #5862 removed irrelevant data in fs.markdown (topal) #5877
  • [81876612f7] - https: fix ssl socket leak when keepalive is used (Alexander Penev) #5713
  • [6daebdbd9b] - lib: simplify code with String.prototype.repeat() (Jackson Tian) #5359
  • [108fc90dd7] - lib: reduce usage of self = this (Jackson Tian) #5231
  • [3c8e59c396] - lib: copy arguments object instead of leaking it (Nathan Woltman) #4361
  • [8648420586] - net: make isIPv4 and isIPv6 more efficient (Vladimir Kurchatkin) #5478
  • [07b7172d76] - net: remove unused var self = this from old code (Benjamin Gruenbaum) #5224
  • [acbce4b72b] - repl: fix stack trace column number in strict mode (Prince J Wesley) #5416
  • [0a1eb168e0] - test: fix test-cluster-worker-kill (Santiago Gimeno) #5814
  • [86b876fe7b] - test: smaller chunk size for smaller person.jpg (Jérémy Lal) #5813
  • [1135ee97e7] - test: strip non-free icc profile from person.jpg (Jérémy Lal) #5813
  • [0836d7e2fb] - test: fix flaky test-cluster-shared-leak (Claudio Rodriguez) #5802
  • [e57355c2f4] - test: make test-net-connect-options-ipv6.js better (Michael Dawson) #5791
  • [1b266fc15c] - test: remove the use of curl in the test suite (Santiago Gimeno) #5750
  • [7e45d4f076] - test: minimize test-http-get-pipeline-problem (Rich Trott) #5728
  • [78effc3484] - test: add batch of known issue tests (cjihrig) #5653
  • [d506eea4b7] - test: improve test-npm-install (Santiago Gimeno) #5613
  • [7520100e8b] - test: add test-npm-install to parallel tests suite (Myles Borins) #5166
  • [b258dddb8c] - test: repl tab completion test (Santiago Gimeno) #5534
  • [f209effe8b] - test: remove timer from test-http-1.0 (Santiago Gimeno) #5129
  • [3a901b0e3e] - tools: remove unused imports (Sakthipriyan Vairamani) #5765

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a143d6c71c9f1d1827d4cde1086611fb41d4909247377b8539a7129e1bf8266b  node-v4.4.2-darwin-x64.tar.gz
2407261b3829b83b06ad285af1aaa5198b9c69f6efb93ca493ffb42344f219fe  node-v4.4.2-darwin-x64.tar.xz
6b2ec4064900a8c39357ca7bdd7863587d749dcad1e4735df0de402400142cbb  node-v4.4.2-headers.tar.gz
8dc001e4b78073c567eb4c345a5d50bb3d9f9dfe6a4b5f99ba4ca9cadd0a7e52  node-v4.4.2-headers.tar.xz
be881df65ff29ffbec47a14e082800c150d4a9238d1c137ff18cf7c28fafa987  node-v4.4.2-linux-arm64.tar.gz
a15d77d084b954c96d0fbb12e97afc988bfd1f9c0e386ad52e0805f6422db783  node-v4.4.2-linux-arm64.tar.xz
c574a381e5955c724bf39ff93814882e8f5218293b8c4210ccfafbda06fc4200  node-v4.4.2-linux-armv6l.tar.gz
d139f9ba6c18a55a9549b75d5b384ee4a7e7b379bf36e8077d33e27d5ee6e7fd  node-v4.4.2-linux-armv6l.tar.xz
f243f42bbab4757b3881a26e7ac3af4a1ec6d0f5edc1e4415e69768e94cd1389  node-v4.4.2-linux-armv7l.tar.gz
03bcb820c7f1fea145675a9b632e35b58211cb3dae202f9347eae007386ca1e7  node-v4.4.2-linux-armv7l.tar.xz
035d202d02ac965618d99ec5c8680aba1ea41f6114caf720a160fe23405809b5  node-v4.4.2-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz
cd6e96898fcc1b8e98177d6de3e58904431db5c9ca75a68b08558d5c8f166ab9  node-v4.4.2-linux-ppc64le.tar.xz
b4a44dbe528520397621aad76168bdfd50cdb96fb1f15e99358263f6400c33d2  node-v4.4.2-linux-x64.tar.gz
003a8dcb3c267b9f268e9443ee2ae381bceaebee1cb438688cd52122591c9b56  node-v4.4.2-linux-x64.tar.xz
0c2bdf6fed204c6b9bddd7f839f49010cf9b484986f820e20d4f7abb01d8ee9d  node-v4.4.2-linux-x86.tar.gz
3787dc1a9dd6f65a32f9cc435c6c7d04bc3580ac03ce38246734bfdcdef94ea9  node-v4.4.2-linux-x86.tar.xz
5d115f4d561f92c6b26f40e7d0217e99e4255e2051337bca15489c39597d05ba  node-v4.4.2.pkg
006ef87af910bb5b0d78d65d2b979125a6b1049d56dc26088c9cb9deb6a16986  node-v4.4.2-sunos-x64.tar.gz
c66c35ea9b3594475eac67b213bb87f3ac867a953b5202c70433bc318de1369d  node-v4.4.2-sunos-x64.tar.xz
13da507b8ecd88598080c63a63c77efc83e04c8454f4070389c4472d512ced48  node-v4.4.2-sunos-x86.tar.gz
6e9e382fca253b6032881cad42a7e7380f7efd7a169b4df56aba990613a6404f  node-v4.4.2-sunos-x86.tar.xz
ae91cb0a31f87b5b13bb2665178845d99abf1037dc3636fa88f442b4a4c65297  node-v4.4.2.tar.gz
49051fd930e36181509dc8fcf584fc01971083b6bf9e14f2bbec49cc9c4224e9  node-v4.4.2.tar.xz
70bab3f8412f341d8ed2f2fd98904270aba650262f947084dbc5b1e7e6d98692  node-v4.4.2-x64.msi
3f16ed3b83d893b8d594e252fbe2512806141d078afd66440afd63cd00f562f8  node-v4.4.2-x86.msi
133e73a2b7a231e78cfa5802ae301de64e9b1bcfbe7e46e49a930b6b6f08c222  win-x64/node.exe
c258cd572a3120e940671c4728041bc1e34fe1e2287e73c358dccb41f959191b  win-x64/node.lib
79f633a85f6c06b923b2283d7f6b8a869d4cf0f66ef95464c19e67d575d204bc  win-x86/node.exe
b2a4e0057b5bca1a5b089d1faa92f23718359442f1bd072dac2c9d7b0bd71199  win-x86/node.lib


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