Node v5.7.1 (Current)

Jeremiah Senkpiel

Notable changes

  • governance: The Core Technical Committee (CTC) added four new members to help guide Node.js core development: Evan Lucas, Rich Trott, Ali Ijaz Sheikh and Сковорода Никита Андреевич (Nikita Skovoroda).
  • openssl: Upgrade from 1.0.2f to 1.0.2g (Ben Noordhuis) #5507.
    • Fix a double-free defect in parsing malformed DSA keys that may potentially be used for DoS or memory corruption attacks. It is likely to be very difficult to use this defect for a practical attack and is therefore considered low severity for Node.js users. More info is available at CVE-2016-0705.
    • Fix a defect that can cause memory corruption in certain very rare cases relating to the internal BN_hex2bn() and BN_dec2bn() functions. It is believed that Node.js is not invoking the code paths that use these functions so practical attacks via Node.js using this defect are unlikely to be possible. More info is available at CVE-2016-0797.
    • Fix a defect that makes the CacheBleed Attack possible. This defect enables attackers to execute side-channel attacks leading to the potential recovery of entire RSA private keys. It only affects the Intel Sandy Bridge (and possibly older) microarchitecture when using hyper-threading. Newer microarchitectures, including Haswell, are unaffected. More info is available at CVE-2016-0702.
  • Fixed several regressions that appeared in v5.7.0:
    • path.relative():
      • Output is no longer unnecessarily verbose (Brian White) #5389.
      • Resolving UNC paths on Windows now works correctly (Owen Smith) #5456.
      • Resolving paths with prefixes now works correctly from the root directory (Owen Smith) #5490.
    • url: Fixed an off-by-one error with parse() (Brian White) #5394.
    • dgram: Now correctly handles a default address case when offset and length are specified (Matteo Collina) #5407.


  • [7cae774d9b] - benchmark: refactor to eliminate redeclared vars (Rich Trott) #5468
  • [6aebe16669] - benchmark: add benchmark for (Rich Trott) #5441
  • [00660f55c8] - benchmark: move string-decoder to its own category (Andreas Madsen) #5177
  • [4650cb3818] - benchmark: fix configuation parameters (Andreas Madsen) #5177
  • [3ccb275139] - benchmark: merge url.js with url-resolve.js (Andreas Madsen) #5177
  • [c1e7dbffaa] - benchmark: move misc to categorized directories (Andreas Madsen) #5177
  • [2f9fee6e8e] - benchmark: use strict mode (Rich Trott) #5336
  • [4c09e7f359] - build: remove --quiet from eslint invocation (firedfox) #5519
  • [2c619f2012] - build: run lint before tests (Rich Trott) #5470
  • [f349a9a2cf] - build: update Node.js logo on OSX installer (Rod Vagg) #5401
  • [88f393588a] - crypto: PBKDF2 works with int not ssize_t (Fedor Indutny) #5397
  • [1e86804503] - deps: upgrade openssl to 1.0.2g (Ben Noordhuis) #5507
  • [d3f9b84be8] - dgram: handle default address case when offset and length are specified (Matteo Collina)
  • [f1f3832934] - doc: update NAN urls in and doc/ (ronkorving) #5472
  • [51bc062dab] - doc: add CTC meeting minutes 2016-02-17 (Rod Vagg) #5410
  • [795c85ba1c] - doc: fix typo in child_process documentation (Evan Lucas) #5474
  • [0a56e9690b] - doc: add note for binary safe string reading (Anton Andesen) #5155
  • [ea8331e15f] - doc: improvements to crypto.markdown copy (Alexander Makarenko) #5230
  • [378a772034] - doc: require behavior on case-insensitive systems (Hugo Wood)
  • [06b7eb6636] - doc: document base64url encoding support (Tristan Slominski) #5243
  • [8ec3d904cb] - doc: improve httpVersionMajor / httpVersionMajor (Jackson Tian) #5296
  • [534e88f56c] - doc: fix relative links in net docs (Evan Lucas) #5358
  • [7b98a30976] - doc: fix crypto function indentation level (Brian White) #5460
  • [c0fd802cc2] - doc: link to man pages ([email protected]) #5073
  • [f8c6701e22] - doc: add missing property in cluster example (Rafael Cepeda) #5305
  • [3bfe0483f0] - doc: corrected name of argument in socket.send (Chris Dew) #5449
  • [c8725f5e95] - doc: fix links in tls, cluster docs (Alexander Makarenko) #5364
  • [7f2cf9af5c] - doc: explicit about VS 2015 support in readme (Phillip Johnsen) #5406
  • [12d3cdbfea] - doc: remove out-of-date matter from internal docs (Rich Trott) #5421
  • [43853679f7] - doc: copyedit util doc (Rich Trott) #5399
  • [903e8d09e1] - doc: fix typo in pbkdf2Sync code sample (Marc Cuva) #5306
  • [79b1c22c9f] - doc: fix buf.readInt16LE output (Chinedu Francis Nwafili) #5282
  • [e46915f2f3] - doc: note util.isError() @@toStringTag limitations (cjihrig) #5414
  • [935fd21fff] - doc: clarify error handling in net.createServer (Dirceu Pereira Tiegs) #5353
  • [93dce6d4fe] - doc: document fs.datasync(Sync) (Ron Korving) #5402
  • [96daf51358] - doc: add Evan Lucas to the CTC (Rod Vagg) #5275
  • [31b405d0cf] - doc: add Rich Trott to the CTC (Rod Vagg) #5276
  • [bcd154e402] - doc: add Ali Ijaz Sheikh to the CTC (Rod Vagg) #5277
  • [9d0330c804] - doc: add Сковорода Никита Андреевич to the CTC (Rod Vagg) #5278
  • [365cc63783] - doc: add "building node with ninja" guide (Jeremiah Senkpiel) #4767
  • [2b00c315e1] - doc: mention prototype check in deepStrictEqual() (cjihrig) #5367
  • [ff988b3ee6] - doc,tools,test: lint doc-based addon tests (Rich Trott) #5427
  • [d77c3bf204] - http_parser: use MakeCallback (Trevor Norris) #5419
  • [e3421ac296] - lib: freelist: use .pop() for allocation (Anton Khlynovskiy) #2174
  • [91d218d096] - path: fix path.relative() for prefixes at root (Owen Smith) #5490
  • [ef7a088906] - path: fix win32 parse() (Zheng Chaoping) #5484
  • [871396ce8f] - path: fix win32 relative() for UNC paths (Owen Smith) #5456
  • [91782f1888] - path: fix win32 relative() when "to" is a prefix (Owen Smith) #5456
  • [30cec18eeb] - path: fix verbose relative() output (Brian White) #5389
  • [2b88523836] - repl: fix stack trace column number in strict mode (Prince J Wesley) #5416
  • [51db48f741] - src,tools: remove null sentinel from source array (Ben Noordhuis) #5418
  • [03a5daba55] - src,tools: drop nul byte from built-in source code (Ben Noordhuis) #5418
  • [17d14f3346] - src,tools: allow utf-8 in built-in js source code (Ben Noordhuis) #5418
  • [12ae6abc69] - test: increase timeout for test-tls-fast-writing (Rich Trott) #5466
  • [81348e8855] - test: apply Linux workaround to Linux only (Rich Trott) #5471
  • [c4d9cdb7d0] - test: allow options for v8 testing (Michael Dawson) #5502
  • [d1a82c6824] - test: retry on known SmartOS bug (Rich Trott) #5454
  • [c7f8a13043] - test: remove unneeded bind() and related comments (Aayush Naik) #5023
  • [cc4cbb10df] - test: fix flaky child-process-fork-regr-gh-2847 (Santiago Gimeno) #5422
  • [0ebbf6cd53] - test: remove flaky designation from fixed tests (Rich Trott) #5459
  • [c83725c604] - test: add test-cases for posix path.relative() (Owen Smith) #5456
  • [22bb7c9d27] - test: fix test runner arg regression (Stefan Budeanu) #5446
  • [8c67b94b11] - test: refactor test-dgram-send-callback-recursive (Santiago Gimeno) #5079
  • [2c21d34a2f] - test: refactor test-dgram-udp4 (Santiago Gimeno) #5339
  • [479a43c876] - test: allow passing args to executable (Stefan Budeanu) #5376
  • [ff75023812] - test: fix test-timers.reliability on OS X (Rich Trott) #5379
  • [991f82b4bd] - test: mitigate flaky test-http-agent (Rich Trott) #5346
  • [0f54553a99] - test: increase timeouts on some unref timers tests (Jeremiah Senkpiel) #5352
  • [25c01cd779] - tls: fix assert in context._external accessor (Ben Noordhuis) #5521
  • [5ffd7430d1] - tools: apply custom buffer lint rule to /lib only (Rich Trott) #5371
  • [fa5d28f246] - tools: enable additional lint rules (Rich Trott) #5357
  • [b44b701e5b] - tools,benchmark: increase lint compliance (Rich Trott) #5429
  • [9424fa5732] - url: group slashed protocols by protocol name (nettofarah) #5380
  • [dfe45f13e7] - url: fix off-by-one error with parse() (Brian White) #5394

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25627633163e6ad47e62cd9aaab04e47707b51ecc5aaa05f35a2d6419dbe054c  node-v5.7.1-darwin-x64.tar.gz
7d23cb68d8587a6baa8f9023bf326430ca50d669817bac2cd6129cdb435ac0c3  node-v5.7.1-darwin-x64.tar.xz
6d2241bc1e5049de3651873d63b84c37f8684027b1a34928ce6bbe745057ca70  node-v5.7.1-headers.tar.gz
655cbc2da0808edbb965fbb698713ea022e9e7d311604e0ae73904de59df528c  node-v5.7.1-headers.tar.xz
b075aa249eb1e00e1e84e6f5964d4f93c39aa6d817c25280bf885bfcf906c7fc  node-v5.7.1-linux-arm64.tar.gz
61f411e5352d10533cfde00ff2e5b3bc0c31326d46e4e76a0736cf44e2f031ea  node-v5.7.1-linux-arm64.tar.xz
ddde92eb9b80e58efec88138fa7351e21000b22414ebff754c7ab38dedbab89f  node-v5.7.1-linux-armv6l.tar.gz
dd1ade05801824f0386a43890c1500715e628ac4a78b85eb6f2949edad5eaa7c  node-v5.7.1-linux-armv6l.tar.xz
2370e6ad65dedc1eadcc1b3a481e922a8b5afacee9e90eb6700fee876eb59a5b  node-v5.7.1-linux-armv7l.tar.gz
4617186ac4e615f2166dbbd0ef923971d37af630f4aad85cd93bacba74c56fb9  node-v5.7.1-linux-armv7l.tar.xz
f3de80e67a3f055bb3e2ecdb9e4b6cc45183a6cbee2b728f243d46a6fd94f542  node-v5.7.1-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz
81b0e67145e317f4c6f9be58a3485990285fdd866f2c11509ffc68927d2e75d4  node-v5.7.1-linux-ppc64le.tar.xz
fcded78b45549e2195eecb36138ba29b6f353d0d136d4e8b80648770418f1e5b  node-v5.7.1-linux-x64.tar.gz
5584895f87a57ee26a75bf8505f6a2350a3ab219accf1df44c2f6406ddfad6ed  node-v5.7.1-linux-x64.tar.xz
4382b7366f3448d42f09d63f7dfccf45bf67f8be94d2bfe7203bdc79d0ae64e8  node-v5.7.1-linux-x86.tar.gz
6a9063fd23bf4e14d966f18b3cf092192f2a05daf8e6253b92adc2be422959e1  node-v5.7.1-linux-x86.tar.xz
d96c04a7df03f630e66fdf5173912cfb1e412bba4453aad67e007d5bb59d16b4  node-v5.7.1.pkg
0ebab64c25a417b741f666db1765c7358e413d895d4dd0ca9e967fdbb1770a72  node-v5.7.1-sunos-x64.tar.gz
8f7bc96926e75971ade13c183378929442021eca5055752b0b47601b60b1a474  node-v5.7.1-sunos-x64.tar.xz
1deb8d1eee46dfdb15c01fea1b283cc9115d78d2e4757ab6192b80bf52d61f99  node-v5.7.1-sunos-x86.tar.gz
43221b7de7c0e684d65e1898244f876deb25c3e0d614e7f01261a6af5e39f3b7  node-v5.7.1-sunos-x86.tar.xz
ecd4956335c6b86f1b72fd203abd9a833717e6800edb12208d0e3ce625330198  node-v5.7.1.tar.gz
029ed8aeb997c68d1a901cd837af02d24b6b5e20a4ff93bed090fd289f91a9a1  node-v5.7.1.tar.xz
d453670c8edf551fc319fcb997cae8e19180aa09593d0228730fc8997c02316c  node-v5.7.1-x64.msi
f486032411c50a6ea40d361067eb78d2e383737f72d0c14e081e04aff23e6991  node-v5.7.1-x86.msi
de17f951cc28bcd90015703b23e153d19673ee476016d923ff9e5588a6f17593  win-x64/node.exe
752e5b5ea84e7bc828582bceb5ff2faade62234d63f4924ac935c0cc0d2c1bdf  win-x64/node.lib
249614b8ab6106d91229c1b3c2732b0985334e9b3c28c25bff2d681ab5730a56  win-x86/node.exe
4237fb7203656e3caffb4af4ea7875957a4d26860576de52767abfed88f5f7b8  win-x86/node.lib
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