Node v5.9.0 (Current)

Evan Lucas

Notable changes

  • contextify: Fixed a memory consumption issue related to heavy use of vm.createContext and vm.runInNewContext. (Ali Ijaz Sheikh)
  • governance: The following members have been added as collaborators:
    • Andreas Madsen (@AndreasMadsen)
    • Benjamin Gruenbaum (@benjamingr)
    • Claudio Rodriguez (@claudiorodriguez)
    • Glen Keane (@thekemkid)
    • Jeremy Whitlock (@whitlockjc)
    • Matt Loring (@matthewloring)
    • Phillip Johnsen (@phillipj)
  • lib: copy arguments object instead of leaking it (Nathan Woltman)
  • src: allow both -i and -e flags to be used at the same time (Rich Trott)
  • timers: Internal Node.js timeouts now use the same logic path as those created with setTimeout() (Jeremiah Senkpiel) #4007
    • This may cause a slightly different performance profile in some situations. So far, it has shown to be positive in most cases.
  • v8: backport fb4ccae from v8 upstream (Vladimir Krivosheev) #4231
    • breakout events from v8 to offer better support for external debuggers
  • zlib: add support for concatenated members (Kári Tristan Helgason)
    • Previously, if multiple members were in the same archive, only the first would be read. The others are no longer thrown away.


  • [03b99bf8b9] - build: don't install github templates (Johan Bergström) #5612
  • [a7819da15a] - Revert "build: run lint before tests" (Rich Trott) #5602
  • [5e9cac4333] - console: check that stderr is writable (Rich Trott) #5635
  • [0662fcf209] - contextify: cache sandbox and context in locals (Ali Ijaz Sheikh) #5392
  • [4f2c839d46] - contextify: replace deprecated SetWeak usage (Ali Ijaz Sheikh) #5392
  • [bfff07b4dd] - contextify: cleanup weak ref for sandbox (Ali Ijaz Sheikh) #5392
  • [93f60cdc54] - contextify: cleanup weak ref for global proxy (Ali Ijaz Sheikh) #5392
  • [b6c355de0d] - (SEMVER-MINOR) deps: backport fb4ccae from v8 upstream (develar) #4231
  • [29510aa4fd] - deps: update openssl config (Shigeki Ohtsu) #5630
  • [532d1bf9ce] - deps: sync deps/http_parser with nodejs/http_parser (James M Snell) #5600
  • [d5d64c327b] - doc: clarify commit message rules (Wyatt Preul) #5661
  • [8c4c84fe5b] - doc: add Testing WG (Rich Trott) #5461
  • [434af03825] - doc: Add note about use of JSON.stringify() (Mithun Patel) #5723
  • [62926d85bd] - doc: clarify type of first argument in zlib (Kirill Fomichev) #5685
  • [eb73574349] - doc: clarify when writable.write callback is called (Kevin Locke) #4810
  • [c579507034] - doc: fix typo in api/addons (Daijiro Wachi) #5678
  • [8e45c9d9ea] - doc: fix typo in api/dgram (Daijiro Wachi) #5678
  • [44a9b100c5] - doc: fix typo in api/fs (Daijiro Wachi) #5678
  • [b667573bcb] - doc: update fansworld-claudio username on README (Claudio Rodriguez) #5680
  • [9794abb5d1] - doc: add onboarding resources (Jeremiah Senkpiel) #3726
  • [31e39fbd7a] - doc: remove non-standard use of hyphens (Stefano Vozza)
  • [f3e9daa825] - doc: add clarification on birthtime in fs stat (Kári Tristan Helgason) #5479
  • [c379ec6522] - doc: move build instructions to a new document (Johan Bergström) #5634
  • [2a442b3dfc] - doc: update removeListener behaviour (Vaibhav) #5201
  • [f6ee0996e0] - doc: fix typo in child_process docs (Benjamin Gruenbaum) #5681
  • [dd12661173] - doc: include typo in 'unhandledRejection' example (Robert C Jensen) #5654
  • [f7aecd6e94] - doc: add thekemkid to collaborators (Glen Keane) #5667
  • [b81711acfb] - doc: add phillipj to collaborators (Phillip Johnsen) #5663
  • [a33f2486f0] - doc: add fansworld-claudio to collaborators (Claudio Rodriguez) #5668
  • [285d5e7ba6] - doc: add AndreasMadsen to collaborators (Andreas Madsen) #5666
  • [8e1f6706e3] - doc: add benjamingr to collaborator list (Benjamin Gruenbaum) #5664
  • [f7842cbb24] - doc: add whitlockjc to collaborators (Jeremy Whitlock) #5665
  • [dd6f4ec2e4] - doc: add mattloring to collaborators (Matt Loring) #5662
  • [9ebd559a55] - doc: fix markdown links (Steve Mao) #5641
  • [62d267e1ff] - doc: fix dns.resolveCname description typo (axvm) #5622
  • [9f8e2e2979] - doc: update release tweet template (Jeremiah Senkpiel) #5628
  • [4d6fe300fe] - doc: fix v5.8.0 changelog heading (Jeremiah Senkpiel) #5559
  • [4c1fdaeb2a] - docs: update link to iojs+release ci job (Myles Borins) #5632
  • [205bed0bec] - lib: copy arguments object instead of leaking it (Nathan Woltman) #4361
  • [b16f67a0b9] - net: make isIPv4 and isIPv6 more efficient (Vladimir Kurchatkin) #5478
  • [4ecd996baa] - (SEMVER-MINOR) src: allow combination of -i and -e cli flags (Rich Trott) #5655
  • [f225459496] - test: improve test-npm-install (Santiago Gimeno) #5613
  • [cceae5ae78] - test: eval a strict function (Kári Tristan Helgason) #5250
  • [9a44c8c337] - test: add batch of known issue tests (cjihrig) #5653
  • [1b7b1ed2c9] - timers: greatly improve code comments (Jeremiah Senkpiel) #4007
  • [769254b0ba] - timers: refactor timers (Jeremiah Senkpiel) #4007
  • [0b545fb3f8] - win,build: support Visual C++ Build Tools 2015 (João Reis) #5627
  • [ef774ff9a8] - (SEMVER-MINOR) zlib: add support for concatenated members (Kári Tristan Helgason) #5120

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6417022026c30cfb1b8af92f1434c1b202548076ada636708e1874d8af78197b  node-v5.9.0-darwin-x64.tar.gz
df58c7ec89849a0752f75b9a2e00c7c943089011d7c636920a1e1267d91671c0  node-v5.9.0-darwin-x64.tar.xz
546c6b43f193ad57638cadded1eb5ee4630b585f4f966e228cd2ae06f44b6c76  node-v5.9.0-headers.tar.gz
e77ceab9d39bf1086ca12214397a7dd4d2141b8aecbb86f95e60ee369c94445c  node-v5.9.0-headers.tar.xz
8ce0653a98a7507dc15bd7425154af1113685d054b6dee2c9701fed401feb12a  node-v5.9.0-linux-arm64.tar.gz
2b8b875022906ed5beabb90de8cc16979f85fba76930c192b80fafd2e72c8831  node-v5.9.0-linux-arm64.tar.xz
a69cc76e388b44a4c6de8007e0fad67f1308b32284894b4c483180c4aaf10cb4  node-v5.9.0-linux-armv6l.tar.gz
7f48846c39208ddeff0c3756378c71abf36f4910b3424f870c1e4f0c06e7c907  node-v5.9.0-linux-armv6l.tar.xz
b7ac2bf673eed236ac636d755874d90aa3563b55caed84730c8342cbdffc4ce3  node-v5.9.0-linux-armv7l.tar.gz
2cf5136d0342eeb833b0a24588f04d89387925149031886cd2d65ba29bed4388  node-v5.9.0-linux-armv7l.tar.xz
a2996dc3323579f2d9f306cb91a21a9ed6ec534791003eeed3e9114a0a1b27dd  node-v5.9.0-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz
45696542c11e0215e39f1a1f8c11246f93dd4b2ea00d1a77edff97646e8d849e  node-v5.9.0-linux-ppc64le.tar.xz
99c4136cf61761fac5ac57f80544140a3793b63e00a65d4a0e528c9db328bf40  node-v5.9.0-linux-x64.tar.gz
fc8e01886b0c4ce656163cd5c2d98fb624844243ea0c9fa9fb7114926dff541a  node-v5.9.0-linux-x64.tar.xz
fca2df390ff964951cc2d18150d17dfe474e5b59864415976b8bad9452f725eb  node-v5.9.0-linux-x86.tar.gz
43b0564c86812e629c6ede7316cf49e1b0a5e61d04f4e5dd2bc600c3265b4352  node-v5.9.0-linux-x86.tar.xz
64f0c8b3ba981c1b6569c993423956e7b2d1ee18f982bca88a85b9f445742010  node-v5.9.0.pkg
47a45169838b74f62c0dbb31643af2f2c2e86bae0920d030113b3aeb0f29275b  node-v5.9.0-sunos-x64.tar.gz
f2175f16307b458256d3b4c482c643e9487217e9e2a93cf949284526cae62bed  node-v5.9.0-sunos-x64.tar.xz
835f6d8ec09df20f5280851da0eec44f97d64a2f163a213efe2eac668d0a852a  node-v5.9.0-sunos-x86.tar.gz
0b0a97caf81901f00a463f83d31a0ea18e4661c0ad486afcff2687f135e5acc9  node-v5.9.0-sunos-x86.tar.xz
e5175a66481fd9389ef74ef8e8c164d052f139664deffc9e79241d6234760f3e  node-v5.9.0.tar.gz
9bdf2f8e44a721df459dfad0072a8ac46f11c05d25fc33dc0dc9c522827e34bb  node-v5.9.0.tar.xz
f53fac35122dfaec568f998fc210d4ead423c7939c024cd51e240879efd6845b  node-v5.9.0-x64.msi
38e74ba6feced696f5c3de1b12fb5b2f18839abe8e177d895cf5e5436d1362be  node-v5.9.0-x86.msi
ded3eb5f3e08831d7fc020dd86232ea11400468e3303355a03fa167175ab26b1  win-x64/node.exe
44e93b651d6b329143d5b708784cd99587e258790cf14f81abdd8cef3cedb422  win-x64/node.lib
279b6fe04661a6c9430b01535664d0e85998a74ff4c7c76804dfc318a201050a  win-x86/node.exe
82feb73750de3086db7fea6b933596d45a24019db4eb6f1e424e1036a1929be1  win-x86/node.lib
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