Node v8.1.1 (Current)

by Anna Henningsen,

Notable changes

  • Child processes

    • stdout and stderr are now available on the error output of a failed call to the util.promisify()ed version of child_process.exec. [d66d4fc94c] #13388
  • HTTP

    • A regression that broke certain scenarios in which HTTP is used together with the cluster module has been fixed. [fff8a56d6f] #13578

    • The rejectUnauthorized option now works properly for unix sockets. [c4cbd99d37] #13505
  • Readline

    • A change that broke npm init and other code which uses readline multiple times on the same input stream is reverted. [0df6c0b5f0] #13560


  • [61c73085ba] - async_hooks: minor refactor to callback invocation (Anna Henningsen) #13419
  • [bf61d97742] - async_hooks: make sure .{en|dis}able() === this (Anna Henningsen) #13418
  • [32c87ac6f3] - benchmark: fix some RegExp nits (Vse Mozhet Byt) #13551
  • [b967b4cbc5] - build: merge test suite groups (Refael Ackermann) #13378
  • [00d2f7c818] - build,windows: check for VS version and arch (Refael Ackermann) #13485
  • [d66d4fc94c] - child_process: promisify includes stdio in error (Gil Tayar) #13388
  • [0ca4bd1e18] - child_process: reduce nextTick() usage (Brian White) #13459
  • [d1fa59fbb7] - child_process: simplify send() result handling (Brian White) #13459
  • [d51b1c2e6f] - cluster, dns, repl, tls, util: fix RegExp nits (Vse Mozhet Byt) #13536
  • [68c0518e48] - doc: fix links and typos in (Vse Mozhet Byt) #13573
  • [70432f2111] - doc: fix incorrect fs.utimes() link (Justin Beckwith) #13608
  • [26d76307d5] - doc: fs constants for Node < v6.3.0 in (Anshul Guleria) #12690
  • [52f5e3f804] - doc: use HTTPS URL for suggested upstream remote (Nikolai Vavilov) #13602
  • [2c1133d5fe] - doc: add readline.emitKeypressEvents note (Samuel Reed) #9447
  • [53ec50d971] - doc: fix napi_create_*_error signatures in n-api (Jamen Marzonie) #13544
  • [98d7f25181] - doc: fix out of date sections in n-api doc (Michael Dawson) #13508
  • [85cac4ed53] - doc: update new CTC members (Refael Ackermann) #13534
  • [8c5407d321] - doc: corrects reference to tlsClientError (Tarun) #13533
  • [3d12e1b455] - doc: emphasize Collaborators in (Rich Trott) #13423
  • [a9be8fff58] - doc: minimal documentation for Emeritus status (Rich Trott) #13421
  • [2778256680] - doc: remove note highlighting in GOVERNANCE doc (Rich Trott) #13420
  • [2cb6f2b281] - http: fix timeout reset after keep-alive timeout (Alexey Orlenko) #13549
  • [fff8a56d6f] - http: handle cases where socket.server is null (Luigi Pinca) #13578
  • [c4cbd99d37] - https: support rejectUnauthorized for unix sockets (cjihrig) #13505
  • [6a696d15ff] - inspector: fix crash on exception (Nikolai Vavilov) #13455
  • [50e1f931a9] - profiler: declare missing printErr (Fedor Indutny) #13590
  • [0df6c0b5f0] - Revert "readline: clean up event listener in onNewListener" (Anna Henningsen) #13560
  • [a5f415fe83] - src: merge fn_name in NODE_SET_PROTOTYPE_METHOD (XadillaX) #13547
  • [4a96ed4896] - src: check whether inspector is doing io (Sam Roberts) #13504
  • [f134c9d147] - src: correct indentation for X509ToObject (Daniel Bevenius) #13543
  • [dd158b096f] - src: make IsConstructCall checks consistent (Daniel Bevenius) #13473
  • [bf065344cf] - stream: ensure that instanceof fast-path is hit. (Benedikt Meurer) #13403
  • [e713482147] - test: fix typo in test-cli-node-options.js (Vse Mozhet Byt) #13558
  • [4c5457fae5] - test: fix flaky test-http-client-get-url (Sebastian Plesciuc) #13516
  • [812e0b0fbf] - test: refactor async-hooks test-callback-error (Rich Trott) #13554
  • [2ea529b797] - test: add regression test for 13557 (Anna Henningsen) #13560
  • [4d27930faf] - test: fix flaky test-tls-socket-close (Rich Trott) #13529
  • [3da56ac9fb] - test: harden test-dgram-bind-shared-ports (Refael Ackermann) #13100
  • [f686f73465] - test: add coverage for AsyncResource constructor (Gergely Nemeth) #13327
  • [12036a1d73] - test: exercise once() with varying arguments (cjihrig) #13524
  • [1f88cbd620] - test: refactor test-http-server-keep-alive-timeout (realwakka) #13448
  • [bdbeb33dcb] - test: add hijackStdout and hijackStderr (XadillaX) #13439
  • [1c7f9171c0] - test: add coverage for napi_property_descriptor (Michael Dawson) #13510
  • [c8db0475e0] - test: refactor test-fs-read-* (Rich Trott) #13501
  • [ad07c46b00] - test: refactor domain tests (Rich Trott) #13480
  • [fe5ea3feb0] - test: check callback not invoked on lookup error (Rich Trott) #13456
  • [216cb3f6e9] - test,benchmark: stabilize child-process (Refael Ackermann) #13457
  • [a0f8faa3a4] - v8: fix debug builds on Windows (Bartosz Sosnowski) #13634
  • [38a1cfb5e6] - v8: add a js class for Serializer/Dserializer (Rajaram Gaunker) #13541

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3f39c72b597a5810e4b5a510feec11a78f943e4c06c73e160558f7e7614362c9  node-v8.1.1-aix-ppc64.tar.gz
2f67890a5a46564672cfd4522cc00c7ac04d307e6a942ae1ad38b6aee94c29e2  node-v8.1.1-darwin-x64.tar.gz
32c741801df7d2b3a3d16b9808c19bb1d1c0c639eea4f4bac64d111a607af5b0  node-v8.1.1-darwin-x64.tar.xz
a1f8cb4dbb6322f684ac802f9b27535f2456bca1a8ccf8f75bf9ba96d73f4556  node-v8.1.1-headers.tar.gz
f72707d83ff64036c96df83f9151b28a09f91994eda41830ad5ed24ab5abd083  node-v8.1.1-headers.tar.xz
69cc375ef84ea79736b491ff779e8ed07359cf27c943dcae41292094e0b0b79f  node-v8.1.1-linux-arm64.tar.gz
3971543f9d29f77ddb8f47a54e4b99422a822173599748ab7fcd9c35c8e25124  node-v8.1.1-linux-arm64.tar.xz
48a249314bed9f0c4837464696d171bba47c787eff0bcdb452d2b8e2bdbcfcb2  node-v8.1.1-linux-ppc64le.tar.gz
2986470436c07dd600f87a426e81425bd1c3d8f5ca8865eaf6ff0d844e1606ec  node-v8.1.1-linux-ppc64le.tar.xz
4f950720886667976ced945a46b169e8775fd6e108008184567bb648f46823a8  node-v8.1.1-linux-ppc64.tar.gz
f0f148f264427d59058ce57dd76c909ce10c5cf34b65ddad021ed488c5ac27b3  node-v8.1.1-linux-ppc64.tar.xz
4041a25373c5fe68a660800785ab914a6971e1caafd22dfb8869ecd01c338081  node-v8.1.1-linux-s390x.tar.gz
e972942b7b916456ce7339f6b7cbf0a5efffe486bc9a6e6fe853a046b4a3beda  node-v8.1.1-linux-s390x.tar.xz
7717495688c8e332b916cfc51fdb4773d468018ccd0b104ae524ae5050426d4d  node-v8.1.1-linux-x64.tar.gz
6a735e77bdd21c92fe85ea5f9f567d0d6930fa33e0e111946b17cdb7efefb8d5  node-v8.1.1-linux-x64.tar.xz
a1f6c650b9c2d69a1b4dfec4ea4ead39a62867c413c479cfe70fb3152206bea4  node-v8.1.1-linux-x86.tar.gz
2b912178ab071a7aff7862c0fc3eaafeb7580c15cf163d926cd1bc99990c696e  node-v8.1.1-linux-x86.tar.xz
9414408e6dfe230316c7c4ea35aa8ddca652f0165be5624113d9579102ad750c  node-v8.1.1.pkg
1f6f9d990ca82920e00ed221391013c87de86b56417d4871dd43424842a64267  node-v8.1.1-sunos-x64.tar.gz
6c649767625069fb6e8db488f33a48efdc568590503f374268b7c09d43df14c4  node-v8.1.1-sunos-x64.tar.xz
5a1ca06a07354bff17c618688ebc2950ed79236bff256d23df2952f181c94ece  node-v8.1.1-sunos-x86.tar.gz
de9fff4f6dc221d86cef6a221988e222c56f704b3ee03b30d6d742c6f123f866  node-v8.1.1-sunos-x86.tar.xz
4794bce3da8d94f07febebe0609106c4b50debf65695c4ecb0ad727a0f202cb5  node-v8.1.1.tar.gz
7b0d176dc4a1db37789e009825ba03d2e3f834227e5efd296167e7ef6b287847  node-v8.1.1.tar.xz
bd9b864368c035a90bc386e63a70abcceaaad20bdda568765ee02fa4e1360056  node-v8.1.1-win-x64.7z
74d5b87313195aeee0613d479a6505363b6b31f8fd966fc0157554779460d705  node-v8.1.1-win-x86.7z
8f83ab727c26c78b520e80fd53d0bd66cfa35e6770528b05a4885ecee5aef779  node-v8.1.1-x64.msi
1cdb4faf6b06f24ad3be0347027e0b76abac2d36f690506b1ee4e991f1268a51  node-v8.1.1-x86.msi
1421bd1d15c123ed88fd48655307708c391c9a45d5d7e6f98ec196157c7ac0c4  win-x64/node.exe
2206985c8b40db70a49406ff702501fc7b007bfbca0a4c01568a7e5d6bf74ed0  win-x64/node.lib
ce97786fd9ae18e8717275eab6a35110793a538e23b150471c8231928b6b42c0  win-x64/node_pdb.7z
3c280b5c0c991501996c600b37f3add66954f6b8060b8e92383812d55ca5266e  win-x64/
67c6aea3bd26389df72521677772f83f68e8cb7fe40db04f071a0b6ed55adbca  win-x86/node.exe
fb7290712066afb3194820c17aa601c3add4e88515f563e0331ceed05ae4045f  win-x86/node.lib
2c7e4f2cb1dfad1171786f80c6417f14ca41e356690ee65bb8594928e89aa657  win-x86/node_pdb.7z
d1c100fb2422284f6c3187634eb60151cc5f0566a78b420e74db8a8e4a27c178  win-x86/

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