Evolving the Node.js Brand

Emily Tanaka-Delgado

To echo Node’s evolutionary nature, we have refreshed the identity to help mark an exciting time for developers, businesses and users who benefit from the pioneering technology.

Building a brand

We began exploring elements to express Node.js and jettisoned preconceived notions about what we thought Node should look like, and focused on what Node is: kinetic, connected, scalable, modular, mechanical and organic. Working with designer Chris Glass, our explorations emphasized Node's dynamism and formed a visual language based on structure, relationships and interconnectedness.


Inspired by process visualization, we discovered pattern, form, and by relief, the hex shape. The angled infrastructure encourages energy to move through the letterforms.


This language can expand into the organic network topography of Node or distill down into a single hex connection point.

This scaling represents the dynamic nature of Node in a simple, distinct manner.

Node.js network

We look forward to exploring this visual language as the technology charges into a very promising future.

Node.js nebula

We hope you'll have fun using it.

To download the new logo, visit nodejs.org/en/about/resources/.

Tri-color Node

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Jul 11, 2011
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