Weekly Update - Apr 3rd, 2015

Giovanny Gioyik (@Gioyik)

io.js 1.6.3 release

This week we had one io.js release v1.6.3, complete changelog can be found on GitHub.

Notable changes

  • fs: corruption can be caused by fs.writeFileSync() and append-mode fs.writeFile() and fs.writeFileSync() under certain circumstances, reported in #1058, fixed in #1063 (Olov Lassus).
  • iojs: an "internal modules" API has been introduced to allow core code to share JavaScript modules internally only without having to expose them as a public API, this feature is for core-only #848 (Vladimir Kurchatkin).
  • timers: two minor problems with timers have been fixed:
    • Timer#close() is now properly idempotent #1288 (Petka Antonov).
    • setTimeout() will only run the callback once now after an unref() during the callback #1231 (Roman Reiss).
    • NOTE: there are still other unresolved concerns with the timers code, such as #1152.
  • Windows: a "delay-load hook" has been added for compiled add-ons on Windows that should alleviate some of the problems that Windows users may be experiencing with add-ons in io.js #1251 (Bert Belder).
  • V8: minor bug-fix upgrade for V8 to
  • npm: upgrade npm to 2.7.4. See npm CHANGELOG.md for details.

Known issues

  • Some problems exist with timers and unref() still to be resolved. See #1152.
  • Possible small memory leak(s) may still exist but have yet to be properly identified, details at #1075.
  • Surrogate pair in REPL can freeze terminal #690
  • Not possible to build io.js as a static library #686
  • process.send() is not synchronous as the docs suggest, a regression introduced in 1.0.2, see #760 and fix in #774
  • Calling dns.setServers() while a DNS query is in progress can cause the process to crash on a failed assertion #894

Community Updates

Upcoming Events

  • NodeConf tickets are on sale, June 8th and 9th at Oakland, CA and NodeConf Adventure for June 11th - 14th at Walker Creek Ranch, CA
  • CascadiaJS tickets are on sale, July 8th - 10th at Washington State
  • NodeConf EU tickets are on sale, September 6th - 9th at Waterford, Ireland
  • nodeSchool tokyo will be held in April 12th at Tokyo, Japan
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