Weekly Update - Nov 6th, 2015

Minwoo Jung (@jmwsoft)

Node.js News — November 6th

Node.js v4.2.2 (LTS) is released

Node.js v4.2.2 (LTS) Releases

This week we have one release: Node.js v4.2.2 (LTS). Complete changelog from previous releases can be found on GitHub.

Notable changes

This is an LTS maintenance release that addresses a number of issues:

  • [1d0f2cbf87] - buffer: fix value check for writeUInt{B,L}E (Trevor Norris) #3500
  • [2a45b72b4a] - buffer: don't CHECK on zero-sized realloc (Ben Noordhuis) #3499

NodeUp Podcast

  • NodeUp podcast episode 93, 94 were published this week: http://nodeup.com/ninetythree, http://nodeup.com/ninetyfour.
  • The subjects of the podcast are "An LTS Show with Kat Marchán, James Snell, and Rich Trott", "A Node.js Interactive Show with Dan Shaw, Mikeal Rogers, and Kassandra Perch.".

Community Updates

If you have spotted or written something about Node.js, do come over to our Evangelism team repo and suggest it on the Issues page, specifically the Weekly Updates issue.

Upcoming Events

Have an event about Node.js coming up? You can put your events here through the Evangelism team repo and announce it in the Issues page, specifically the Weekly Updates issue.