Weekly Update - Feb 20th, 2015

Tierney Coren (@bnb)

io.js Releases 1.3.0

Notable changes include:

  • url: url.resolve('/path/to/file', '.') now returns /path/to/ with the trailing slash, url.resolve('/', '.') returns / #278 (Amir Saboury)
  • tls: The default cipher suite used by tls and https has been changed to one that achieves Perfect Forward Secrecy with all modern browsers. Additionally, insecure RC4 ciphers have been excluded. If you absolutely require RC4, please specify your own cipher suites. #826 (Roman Reiss)

Notable Events in the Community

  • Node Governance - William Bert created http://nodegovernance.io/ to alert Scott Hammond, CEO of Joyent, of the desire of the community for the io.js open-governance model to be the base upon which the Node Foundation's Technical Committee. The response from the community was fantastic!
  • Node.js and io.js Performance Improves - Raygun.io did performance tests with both Node.js and io.js recently, and both are improving performance with each release! Read the full article.
  • LTTng Basics - LTTing Basics with io.js by user jgalar on asciinema
  • io.js Roadmap Slides - Slide deck for the current roadmap of io.js up.

io.js Support Added

io.js Working Group Meetings