Weekly Update - Apr 24th, 2015

Giovanny Gioyik (@Gioyik)

io.js 1.8.1 release

This week we had one io.js release v1.8.1, complete changelog can be found on GitHub.

Notable changes

  • NOTICE: Skipped v1.8.0 due to problems with release tooling. See #1436 for details.
  • build: Support for building io.js as a static library (Marat Abdullin) #1341
  • deps: Upgrade openssl to 1.0.2a (Shigeki Ohtsu) #1389
    • Users should see performance improvements when using the crypto API. See here for details.
  • npm: Upgrade npm to 2.8.3. See the release notes for details. Includes improved git support.
  • src: Allow multiple arguments to be passed to process.nextTick (Trevor Norris) #1077
  • module: The interaction of require('.') with NODE_PATH has been restored and deprecated. This functionality will be removed at a later point. (Roman Reiss) #1363

Known issues

  • Some problems with unreferenced timers running during beforeExit are still to be resolved. See #1264.
  • Surrogate pair in REPL can freeze terminal #690
  • process.send() is not synchronous as the docs suggest, a regression introduced in 1.0.2, see #760 and fix in #774
  • Calling dns.setServers() while a DNS query is in progress can cause the process to crash on a failed assertion #894
  • url.resolve may transfer the auth portion of the url when resolving between two full hosts, see #1435.
  • readline: split escapes are processed incorrectly, see #1403

Community Updates

  • Fedor Indutny opened discussion about removing TLS newSession and resumeSession event. iojs/io.js#1462
  • Proposal to change the C HTTP parser JS HTTP parser here
  • npm founder talks about io.js at InfoWorld
  • Proposal to add mikeal, mscdex, shigeki as new TC members. iojs/io.js#1483

Upcoming Events

  • JSConf Uruguay tickets are on sale, April 24th & 25th at Montevideo, Uruguay
  • NodeConf Adventure tickets are on sale, June 11th - 14th at Walker Creek Ranch, CA
  • CascadiaJS tickets are on sale, July 8th - 10th at Washington State
  • NodeConf EU tickets are on sale, September 6th - 9th at Waterford, Ireland
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