Node v0.5.0 (Unstable)


2011.07.05, Version 0.5.0 (unstable)

  • New non-default libuv backend to support IOCP on Windows. Use --use-uv to enable.
  • deprecate
  • docs improved.
  • add child_process.fork
  • add fs.utimes() and fs.futimes() support (Ben Noordhuis)
  • add process.uptime() (Tom Huges)
  • add path.relative (Tony Huang)
  • add os.getNetworkInterfaces()
  • add remoteAddress and remotePort for client TCP connections (Brian White)
  • add secureOptions flag, setting ciphers, SSL_OP_CRYPTOPRO_TLSEXT_BUG to TLS (Theo Schlossnagle)
  • add process.arch (Nathan Rajlich)
  • add reading/writing of floats and doubles from/to buffers (Brian White)
  • Allow script to be read from stdin
  • #477 add Buffer::fill method to do memset (Konstantin Käfer)
  • #573 Diffie-Hellman support to crypto module (Håvard Stranden)
  • #695 add 'hex' encoding to buffer (isaacs)
  • #851 Update how REPLServer uses contexts (Ben Weaver)
  • #853 add fs.lchow, fs.lchmod, fs.fchmod, fs.fchown (isaacs)
  • #889 Allow to remove all EventEmitter listeners at once (Felix Geisendörfer)
  • #926 OpenSSL NPN support (Fedor Indutny)
  • #955 Change ^C handling in REPL (isaacs)
  • #979 add support for Unix Domain Sockets to HTTP (Mark Cavage)
  • #1173 #1170 add AMD, asynchronous module definition (isaacs)
  • DTrace probes: support X-Forwarded-For (Dave Pacheco)




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