Node v0.5.1

By ryandahl,

2011.07.14, Version 0.5.1 (unstable)

  • #1233 Fix os.totalmem on FreeBSD amd64 (Artem Zaytsev)
  • #1149 IDNA and Punycode support in url.parse (Jeremy Selier, Ben Noordhuis, isaacs)
  • Export $CC and $CXX to uv and V8's build systems
  • Include pthread-win32 static libraries in build (Igor Zinkovsky)
  • #1199, #1094 Fix fs can't handle large file on 64bit platform (koichik)
  • #1281 Make require a public member of module (isaacs)
  • #1303 Stream.pipe returns the destination (Elijah Insua)
  • #1229 Addons should not -DEV_MULTIPLICITY=0 (Brian White)
  • libuv backend improvements
  • Upgrade V8 to 3.4.10


Windows Build:



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