Collaboration Summit

Node.js's Collaboration Summit is an un-conference for bringing current and potential contributors together to discuss Node.js with lively collaboration, education, and knowledge sharing. Teams, working groups and contributors from the community come together twice per year to have discussions that help decision-making while also working on some exciting efforts they want to push forward in-person.

Who attends?

The Collaboration Summit is primarily attended by existing contributors and community members, but it also welcomes those who are not yet a contributor and want to get onboard. If you are new to contributing to Node.js, the Collaboration Summit can be a good opportunity to help you learn what is happening within the community and contribute with the skills you have and would like to hone.

Prior to the summit, contributors and community members send session proposals to create a schedule. Attendees can familiarize themselves with the session before getting onsite, having the general collaborator discussions, and then diving into sessions. There will also be plenty of opportunities for hallway tracks and brainstorms.

For information about upcoming and past Collaboration Summits, check out the Summit repo. Have a look at the issues filed that share what contributors and community members are proposing to discuss in-person.

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  1. Who attends?